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Wear To Work: Summer Edition

With the brutal heat of summer well underway, the sun is out; and so are your coats, sweaters, and boots from last winter.  Every Blissful Belle should know how to properly execute her change of season wardrobe when the time comes. Each summer closet should include staples such as delightful sundresses, trendy sandals, and plenty of swimwear. For some of us out there, however, our summer clothing spectrum also includes one major theme: work clothes. Whether it’s your first summer job at the country club, a killer internship, or finally starting your own career, it’s important to look professional and approachable while at your respective workplace. So, here is the breakdown:

Three Month Typical Summer Job (waitress/hostess, country club,):

 Since you’re most likely only going to work at these places for as long as school is out, it’s important to keep to a budget that won’t do too much long term damage to your wallet. Stores like

H&M offers great deals on appropriate-length shorts and flowery tops for hostessing or working around the country club.  We adore these pleated shorts which come in neutral colors, like tan and black.  $17.95;H&M. Try paring them with any simple camisole layered underneath a piece like this spring cardigan from Forever 21 (another store with killer prices) to add some color to your outfit while still having a professional edge. $24.80; Forever 21.

First Summer Internship (working around the office, running errands for your boss):

Getting that first internship looks amazing on your resume and also exposes you to a real office environment. Dressing to impress is very important here, as this position could eventually lead to a career. One of our Blissful Belle followers, Danielle Marullo, 21, offers her advice on internship attire.  Danielle is currently interning in New York with Capitale, a premiere event planning company in the city. “I’m on my feet for most of the day, so the first thing I did was invest in a great pair of flats,” she says. These to-die-for Steve Madden flats are neutral enough to go with everyday outfits but also offer a touch of sparkle, something a Blissful Belle should never be without! $139.95; Steve Madden.

“I’m also running out of the office a lot to go to meetings or pick things up, so I needed a stylish bag that could still take a lot of wear and tear and be big enough to hold everything,” she explained.  The Le pliage line by Longchamp offers a large, durable bag that comes in a variety of seasonal colors.  The material is strong and washable, check out the entire line of bags here.  $115; Longchamp.

Starting Your Career: Congratulations! You’ve made it to your dream job, and dressing the part will give you the confidence you need to perform your best and impress the boss. What to wear can depend on the environment, but when in doubt, the cardinal rule is to lean to the conservative side.

 Susan Urbanek, 30, remembers her early days of working at Ralph Lauren.  “I was so intimidated being around all these high-fashion people, but I didn’t want to lose myself or my personal style just because we had to dress a certain way,” she says.  The key is not going too low-cut or too short, a slip that can be tempting in the hot summer months.  Wearing light fabrics, such as linen, can help.  We love this look from Forever 21 (yep, they have shopping for all ages!). The blazer covers up enough while the outfit adds a pop of color and personality. $27.80; Forever 21.

Another staple is a classic pair of black dress pants, which designers have recently done a twist on by creating the ‘skinny pant.’ For summertime, pair them with a light blouse for extra breathing room. We like this pair from Express. $59.90; Express.


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