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Stylin’ On The Beach: Summer Trends 2011

We’ve all been there: lounging on the beach, enjoying the sun, floating around in the ocean.  Your bikini is a little smaller than you remembered, and as a large, strong wave comes your way, you hold onto your suit for dear life in fear of it being ripped off your body.  Blissful Belles, this is not the way things should be! If you can’t enjoy yourself in the water, then the swimsuit has got to go. Who says we all have to look the same on the beach? Whether your style is modern, classic, flirty, tomboy, or bohemian, this season’s swimwear is sure to fit you just right. Leave your beach woes at home and check out these stylish selections we love!


The biggest up-and-coming beach trend on the runways this summer is all about creating spectacular shapes and cutouts, like this Twisted Wrap top from Victoria’s Secret. Top: $116, bottom: $82; VictoriasSecret.

Adding a sassy back to your bikini also gives it a more modern feel, like this top—also from Victoria’s Secret. Top: $36, bottom: $37; VictoriasSecret.


For a more understated style, try this classic silhouette by Island Company. Top: $65, Bottom: $73; IslandCompany.

The print is perfect for summer, and looks great with a tan! In order to pull off a truly classy beach look, however, you need to go big or go home. That’s right, we’re talking about the ultimate classy beach staple: the oversized floppy hat.

Whoever said this was only for grandmothers was sorely mistaken. For those days when you feel like channeling your inner-diva, try this shapeable tan version, complete with a cute side bow, from Coolibar. These hats even offer SPF in their fabric! Because everyone knows: a sunburn is the biggest beach crime of them all. $44; Coolibar.


Flirty girls love ruffles, and the beach is no exception! Check out these adorable suits by Juicy Couture and Victoria’s Secret. $72; JuicyCouture.  $51; VictoriasSecret.



If your style is a little less pink and a little more surfer, try adding a pair of board shorts to your beach look. We love this mix and match look book from Pac Sun; scroll on the left side to find cute board shorts and bottoms to match the tops! Starting at $14.50; PacSun.


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