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Worth The Splurge?

Want your style to be more appealing than the Ramen noodles that make up your daily meals? Style does not mean spending money on gaudy designer items, contrary to what we see sometimes portrayed in the media. Certain clothing items are fine to splurge on, while other items you can get on a tight budget. Follow these smart-shopping tips and you will be sure to know what to buy on a budget!

Worth the splurge: Blazers

Take this blazer from Fred Flare: it is basic, cute, and is 68 dollars. Although this may not be the cheapest item to purchase, it is acceptable because you can wear it to work or school and look professional, but add a skirt and you’re ready for a night out! Plus, it is white and can match mostly anything! (Added bonus: You will be sure to wear this cute blazer in the real working world after college!). $68;

Other stores to check out that carry blazers: Charlotte Russe, Macy’s and Ann Taylor.


Although you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a name brand pair, you also don’t want to spend only a few bucks for this necessary staple. So, buy a few nice pairs for $30-$40 bucks that will last you a while, but won’t break the bank. Jeans are a necessity for creating basically any outfit, so they are worth spending a few dollars extra on,  You can dress jeans up or down, so that makes them very convenient for college students. $29.95; American Eagle.

Other jean brands to check out: Pac Sun, Gap, and H & M.

Not Worth the Splurge: Accessories

There’s no need to buy those $100 Ray Bans when you can buy a perfectly good and protective pair of sunglasses for $15.00. From sunglasses to scarves, you can purchase items at low prices that can last for years to come. Take these earrings from Charlotte Russe, for example. They’re cute, stylish, and only $4. Be sure to explore local flea markets to find unique (and cheap!) jewelry/accessories. $4; Charlotte Russe.

Bathing suits:

Flattering and stylish bathing suits can be purchased at department stores at low prices. You can buy a stylish, chic bathing suit top and bottom at Target for under $30.00, so think twice before buying that super expensive Gucci swimsuit! Top: $10.80, Bottom: $9.80; Forever21.

Other stores to check out out: Target, Old Navy and Delia’s.

A Blissful Belle is smart about saving her money and knows how to find a good bargain. But remember, fashion is not just about the clothing you wear, but how you carry yourself in them.


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