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Summer Brights: Wearing Them Right

In almost every fashion magazine, brights have frequently shown up as the rising trend for the summer. Brights can be worn on dates, internships, weddings and much more. They can also be worn as make-up and accessories.

MAC is a great brand for buying brightly-colored cosmetics. They pretty much have every color a girl can imagine (and then some)! A tip to consider: if you’ve applied on bright eye make-up, refrain from wearing a bright lip. If both are worn together, you may end up looking like a circus clown—not so hot. Another great brand for bright colors—that come out a little sheerer and more internship-approved—is NARS.  NARS offers about as many colors as MAC, but is significantly more mute, making them great for occasions where being a bit conservative is key.

For Belles on a budget, Loreal’s H.I.P cosmetics are also great, but there are a lot less options.

Temptalia is a great blog, which generally gives tips on how to wear bright colors; the blog mistress is always experimenting with different products and brands in several different ways. Another great blog featuring MAC and NARS is Makeup Geek.

For an internship or office summer job:

Like make-up, too many bright colors can be viewed as over-the-top to employers, particularly those in less creative settings; it is a good idea to pair a bright with neutrals and only stick to one bright shade at a time—like this red sleeveless dress found on for $95.

Try a new variation of the LBD when going out with the girls or on a date. Instead of the usual little black dress, why not try a little bright dress? The fun, flirty look should get tons of compliments and make you stand out when you go out. Here are some awesome looks, courtesy of

Bathing suits are a great option for summer brights and there are a large amount of options for every price, style and color. It’s also a good idea to experiment with mixing and matching! Try some of these ideas, courtesy of This itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini is from Delia’s and only $22.50.

Insecure about wearing a bikini this summer? Check out Sarah Kester’s article on gaining bikini confidence.

        Good luck on your summer brights search, Belles!


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