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The Loyal Wives of Politicians

Hmm, does this come in other sizes?

A little blue dress, naked text messages, prostitutes, and illegitimate children – it all sounds like a plot for a dramatic soap opera and this episode is starring some of the most high-ranking and famous politicians.

It seems like there is nonstop news coverage when a politician’s dirty laundry comes out in the open.  While these scandals hurt, and in many cases ruin, a politician’s career, their actions also deeply affect their wives and children.

The latest scandal involves Rep. Anthony Weiner, who accidently uploaded a titillating picture to his Twitter account. While he has been all over town making appearances, his wife Huma Abedin, has remained relatively silent.

Unlike many wives who have stood obediently by their husbands during their shameful press conferences, Abedin has remained out of the spotlight.  Many see this as a sign of her commit and loyalty to their marriage.

Even after the constant news coverage and embarrassing headlines and details of her husband’s behavior, Abedin remains dutifully by her husband’s side.  Rep. Weiner stated that he and Abedin plan on remaining together and with her aide help salvage his career.

Ironically, Abedin is a top aide to Hillary Clinton, who is all too familiar with public humiliation after her husband had an affair with a White House intern. Yet, Hillary Clinton remained dedicated by her husband’s side, both during and after the scandal. Many are wondering if Abedin plans on following the same devoted path.

But they aren’t the only wives who have served unquestioningly in the face of public embarrassment.  The familiar story of hurt but loyal wives remaining by the sides of their philandering politician husbands is a tale that has been seen many times.

The wife of the former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer remained by her husband’s side, even after his identity as “Client 9” was revealed and his liaisons with a prostitute made front page news.

Elizabeth Edwards also remained unbelievably loyal to her husband after Edward’s affair, which resulted in the birth of a child. Even worse she was battling her second round of cancer, while trying to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity and trying to salvage her marriage.

There seems to be a pattern with the wives of powerful men sticking around even after committing adultery and numerous infidelities.  Anne Sinclair, who is the wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF chief who was recently accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid remains loyal to her husband, supposedly doubting the charges against her husband.

While seeing these women stay with their husbands makes us scratch our heads, it is clear a loyal wife can help both the personal and professional lives of these couples. While Abedin is loyal to her husband, Weiner hopes his wife’s love and understanding can help his career and their marriage.

The image of a loyal wife shows that even a scorned and hurt person can forgive, also forcing the public to forgive and move on.


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