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A Blissful Belle’s Guide to Summer TV Shows

Summer TV is no longer about reruns and unaired pilots, instead all of us suffering from Grey’s Anatomy withdrawal can sigh in relief at the numerous must see shows airing this season. From Vampires to reality shows, there is something out there for everyone!

True Blood

HBO, Sundays 9 ET/PT

After months of waiting HBO has finally returned with the fourth season of the popular vampire series True Blood; bringing even more blood, sex, and supernatural events to the small screen. The show is based on a fictional vampire series about humans and vampires living together in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The first episode has already created a huge buzz, with a few unexpected events and the always frustrating cliffhanger. This season will definitely be a must watch, now that witches have been thrown into the mix along with the bloodthirsty vampires, werewolves, and fairies.


Falling Skies

TNT, Sundays 10 ET/PT

For those sci-fi lovers out there, TNT has a new show called Falling Skies. It tells the story of a group of survivors banding together to fight back against the alien invasion that destroyed earth six months prior. Each episode is sure to bring an intense and thrilling story to your home theater. And with Steven Spielberg as the producer, it is no doubt a must see show to watch this summer!


Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family, Tuesdays 8 ET/PT

Everyone’s guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, is back with an intense and drama filled second season. The series is based on the fictional novels by Sarah Shepard, where four friends band together after the queen bee of their group disappears mysteriously and an unidentified foe tries to reveal their scandalous secrets.  While the show feels like it has been on TV for years, there are still dozens of questions fluttering through audiences’ minds.  Each episode is guaranteed to bring a crazy plot and unbelievable cliffhangers.


USA, Thursday 10 ET/PT

USA is adding another legal show to their lineup with Suits. The show follows Mike Ross, a brilliant but lazy slacker who uses his photographic memory to make money by taking exams for college students. When he is unable to raise enough money for his grandmother’s medical care, he gets hired for a corporate law firm as the new associate. The show is funny, compelling, and also has two incredibly good-looking actors playing the main roles; what could be better?!

Bad Girls Club


For the reality show obsessed out there, Oxygen is bringing the trashy but ever so entertaining Bad Girls Club back. The show follows seven women, who consider themselves “bad girls,” as they live together for three months. The seventh season will take place in New Orleans, bringing a new cast and even bigger drama. Expect to see obscene amounts of alcohol, cat fights, and even more debauchery.


The Challenge

MTV, Wednesday 10 pm ET/PT

MTV’s latest reality show The Challenge is back and better than ever. The 11th season, entitled Rivals, brings together “Real World” alums and familiar faces from previous challenges.  The competition and drama is brought to a new level this season as each team is made up of two members who are known enemies. Audiences can also look forward to watching TJ Lavin hosting, even after he suffered a near death accident last year. So, expect to see intense competitions, frightening challenges, and some memorable faces as these MTV veterans play to win some serious money.

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