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How To: Dress for your Staple Piece

"Hmm...Can I rock this?" Yes, you can!

Life is full of risks. They can range in size or level of importance; one could say we take risks everyday without even knowing it. Getting on an airplane, standing up to your arrogant boss, mustering the courage to talk to that special boy…these are all things we deal with that have a bit of a dangerous thrill to them.  It takes a different kind of girl, however, to take a risk when it comes to fashion. To be bold and unapologetic in your wardrobe choices takes a level of confidence that can be difficult to build up; some people are born with it and some people work at it in hopes of achieving the coveted status of a true fashionista. 

So what constitutes risky? It is the opposite of simple and easy. Risky is the pair of shoes in the window you’ve been dying to try on but have “nothing” to wear with. Risky is the neon blazer with silk trim you’ve been eyeing but think you have no occasion to attend that would do it any justice. In plain English, taking a risk in fashion may seem scary, but it is more doable than you think. Going outside your fashion comfort zone will bring growth and a keener eye. Follow these tips on how to take a risk and still look fabulous.

The key is to pair your eccentric piece with the classic staples hanging in your closet.  This way, you can create a balance and let your to-die-for item shine.  Take these platforms; $89, Jessica Simpson. The colors seriously pop, and the different suede and leather textures only give this beautiful shoe more character.

To make sure your outfit doesn’t go overboard, pair these pumps with your favorite (simple) little black dress and one statement piece of jewelry. We love this textured cuff; $38, White House Black Market.

Another trend this summer (and personal favorite of yours truly) are bright, braided headbands.  These hair accessories are not only super cute, they are perfect for humid and windy summer days when all your hair wants to do is fly away. You can find them in a variety of colors and patterns, like this colorful version; $3.80, Forever 21.

For summer, pair this accessory with a classic white sundress so that the colors in your hair are the focus. This adorable strapless BCBG frock is the perfect match; on sale for $102,

Of course, taking risks in fashion can mean something different for everyone.  Everyone has their own idea of something they think they can’t pull off, so try to push away those insecure feelings.  Be confident enough to buy those neon heels and wear the crazy jewelry; let your inner bliss shine through!


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