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50 Reasons You Are Beautiful

A face can be pretty and a body can be fit, but what makes a girl truly beautiful? In no specific order, girls contributed a list to Blissful Belle: qualities that they think makes a girl beautiful, inside and out.

1. Alluring eyes: sparkling, sultry, smiling
2. Unwavering dependability and loyalty to her friends, family, and romantic partners.
3. Confident in whom she is mentally, spiritually, and physically
4. A gentle and quiet spirit
5. An appreciation for the familiar, but also a willingness to try new things—an affinity for adventure
6. Self-respect for her body and mind
7. Appreciation for others
8. Her smile
9. Genuine interest in others
10. Courage to take things as they come and cope with them, while staying true to her values and principles
11. Compassion for those around her
12. Honesty in every and all situations, but having the grace to be gentle in the delivery of blunt truth
13. Dimples
14. Tenderness
15. Self-awareness
16. Sense of humor
17. Having joy (not necessarily happiness) in life at all times
18. Adventurous spirit
19. Humility to accept correction and advice for improvement when applicable
20. A kind heart that she’s not ashamed to wear on her sleeve
21. Passionate about life, as if the world were vibrantly coloured
22. Strength to withstand and endure
23. Empathy and the ability to relate to others
24. Forgiving as many times as it takes
25. Optimism—the ability to always see the positive side of things
26. Being able to be herself and express it in everything she does
27. The ability to appreciate beauty around her
28. Sophistication in the way that she carries herself
29. A sense of justice
30. Fairness
31. Fierce when necessary
32. Shops according to her personal body shape, not according to fickle fashion
33. Has the courage to cry when a situation calls for it
34. Has good discernment regarding people and situations
35. Questions everything and seeks answers through exploration
36. Only compares herself to her own potential, not others
37. Receptive to meeting new people
38. Open to new experiences, but able to judge when a situation is dangerous
39. The ability to defend her beliefs with sound arguments
40. Communicative and articulate about her ideas and values
41. Good listener
42. Patient despite frustration
43. Knowledge-seeking—you can never know enough!
44. Possesses a mind that thinks freely
45. Open to discussion
46. Understands her needs, thus allowing her to better interact with others
47. Encourages others to be true to themselves, even when it does not conform to society’s idea of what is “beautiful” or “perfect”
48. Composed amid chaos
49. Motivated to make her dreams realistic goals
50. Poised at all times

What else would you add to the list?


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