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How To: Be a Child at Heart

Every lady is still a 6-year-old girl at heart. Sure, you don’t ask for the kids’ menu at the restaurant anymore. Yet, you can’t help but smile when you see a girl trying on a pair of her mom’s shoes or attempt to stay up to catch Santa in his act. Here are some things that you’re not too old to do.

Play dress up. Sure, you might fit into a pair of your mom’s shoes now…and the Tinkerbell costume from elementary school doesn’t. It doesn’t hurt to take out the prom dress deep in your closet and try it on again. Put on a plastic tiara or a flower in your hair and strut in front of your mirror. Be fierce, or stick with silly poses. This time, you won’t get in trouble with your mom from playing with her outfits and makeup.

Jam out to those boy bands. We know that you have your ‘N Sync or Backstreet Boys CDs hidden somewhere in that clutter. Put it in your CD player, blast the volume, and sing to your heart’s content. Maybe you still remember some of the choreography that you and your friends jammed out to! Justin Beiber and The Jonas Brothers might be all the rage now, but don’t forget Justin Timberlake’s curly hair and Jesse McCartney before his solo debut.

Catch fireflies. It’s that time of year again, Blissful Belles. Empty out those jam jars and be on the lookout for those fireflies. Now you know that they aren’t falling stars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a wish. There’s something magical about holding these critters in your hand and watching them light up. Treat them gently, and don’t forget to let them go in the wild.

Play on the swings. Swings were always my go-to place during recess. I would always kick off my shoes and swing with all of my might. There was always something so liberating about it. If I felt daring, I would jump off with hope that I would defy gravity. Nowadays, I would go on the swings at my old elementary school to clear my head and feel the breeze comb through my hair. Oh, how I miss recess.

Reread your favorite children books. So many of these books shaped your childhood while you grew up. There’s Green Eggs and Ham, The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends. As a 6-year-old girl, you might not completely understand the lessons taught in the book. Maybe you just fell in love with the illustrations. But beneath it all, there are teachings of unconditional love, friendship, and the importance of imagination. Children’s literature is often seen on lists of the most influential and positive books. These authors and illustrators, I believe, have what many adults lack: their inner childhood. You’re never too old to read Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, or Maurice Sendak. Because, according to Alice in Wonderland, what use are books with no pictures or dialogue?

Vania Myers


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