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BB Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Get ready to come out of your comfort zone! For the Belles who have to deal with touchy-feely, completely useless, or irrational psycho bosses, grab some popcorn and take notes. This raunchy comedy has some tips for you.

Horrible Bosses takes a typical, relatable issue and twists it into a hilarious story. Nick tries to be the perfect candidate for a management promotion by meeting the ridiculous demands of his boss; in the end, he doesn’t get it.  Accountant Kurt has to deal with his newly appointed boss who seeks the demise of Kurt’s beloved company. Dale is a dental assistant to a boss who can’t keep her hands (and X-rated advances) off of him. These three friends have something in common: they have horrible bosses.

So, what do they do when they can’t quit? With the “help” of ex-convict M.F. Jones, the guys devise a plan to end their misery at work by getting rid of their bosses. Permanently.

If you’re worried that all the jokes are summed up in the three-minute trailer, be at ease. Engaging and amusing, Horrible Bosses will keep you entertained from the beginning to end. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day have great chemistry as friends on screen. The ending of the film seems a little forced and predictable, but the movie itself certainly delivers the laughs. Jamie Foxx stole the spotlight as he spits out the more the somewhat-helpful hired man to “do the dirty work” who spits out the more memorable lines in the movie. It was also great to see Jennifer Aniston play a character outside of her usual chick flick, “Rachel” role.

Overall, the movie is great for cheap laughs with some close friends. This summer seems to be full-fledged on summer comedy flicks, and the movie stands strong besides The Hangover 2 and Bridesmaids.

Vania Myers


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