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College Graduates in a Recession

For most, college is a time of intense partying, frantic cramming sessions and spending quality time with friends. Those short few years spent at school seem like a completely different world, away from the struggles and responsibilities of the real world. So, when senior year rolls around and soon to be graduates face the daunting task of becoming a true “grown up,” it can be scary. It is even more intimidating when the economy is rough and employment is looking grim.

While gaining footing in the real world is even harder in a tough economy, hope is not lost. So, before you enter into a post-grad mid-life crisis, there are several alternatives and opportunities for college students.  In times of recession, graduates need to get creative and become flexible.

Graduate School:While sitting in a desk and studying for a few more years sounds unpleasant, a master’s degree is becoming increasingly essential for many undergrads. According to a survey by the United States Census Bureau, college graduates with advanced degrees make more than graduates with only a bachelor’s degree.The most obvious advantages of gaining a master’s degree are the increased ability to have higher employment opportunities and higher earnings. In a competitive and tough job market, a master’s degree separates you from the rest.Employers are facing tight budget restrictions and an overwhelming amount of jobs applications. Having your masters, or even your doctorate, will help you remain on top of the resume pile.
Volunteer Work:Also, many graduates have chosen to volunteer and to enter a non-profit arena, a welcoming opportunity for those who are beginning to enter the workforce. Programs like the Peace Corps and Language Corps, offer volunteers the ability to travel around the world, meeting and learning about different cultures and people.Several volunteer programs create financial benefits including free travel, health insurance, and many will help pay or cover student loans. Volunteer programs also help you develop job skills for global audiences and several programs provide job placement assistance.  Volunteering can help you gain a broader perceptive and learn strong language and communication skills, which are all important credentials for post-grad’s entering the work force.


Internships are a great way to gain firsthand experience at a professional level. While working for free does not sound exciting, it is an important way to build up your resume and network. Try to meet as many people as you can during your internships and make sure to get a recommendation! Internships are a crucial step in a person’s college career; once graduation comes we can no longer rely on books and classes to help us get by; firsthand knowledge and experience are a must! For some really good websites for tips on getting internships or listing available jobs check out,, and

For those who cannot work for free, students and graduates have opportunities to gain government jobs, both on the local and federal level.  The U.S Government’s official website,, has great information on jobs and internships for students. Depending on your major or field of interest, there are numerous areas of government life that you can get involved in.

Most importantly, students and graduates need to think outside of the box. In a time when the standard get good grades, graduate, get a job scenario no longer works, we are now forced to be more creative. From social media to online businesses the opportunities are endless for a stable and happy life after college.


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