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Gym Chic: Look Cute While Pumping Iron

Getting motivated to go to the gym is something many people struggle with.  For some, on the other hand, working out is a life passion and staying active everyday is essential. So what about the rest of us, or the in-between? How do we average gym goers jump start our attitudes in order to get fit this summer? If picturing yourself looking toned in the world’s smallest bikini isn’t enough, try to envision yourself getting there by looking great while you work out.  It’s easier than you think to find gym clothes that look like they’re fresh off the runway. Follow these tips and hot spots to find duds that will have you looking your best while you get in shape!

Just because you’re going to look like you spent a ton of money to achieve Gym Chic doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar. Old Navy, for example, has great prices on cute outfits that are perfect for the gym. The light weight material in these black half-leggings is perfect for letting your skin breathe while you workout. $24.99; Old Navy.


The store also offers a ton of trendy tanks to pair with your bottoms, like this coral racerback. $12.94; Old Navy. The modern design on the tank is more fun than your average sweaty t-shirt, and the material will keep you cool while you let off steam.

Keep browsing the site for neon and patterned sports bras, which look great either worn alone or under a sheer tank. $16.50; Old Navy.

Another great way to get fit (and a respective fashion outlet) is through yoga. Yoga is said to cleanse the mind, body, soul and, in this case, a hunger for fashion. Since the majority of the movements expressed in yoga involve serious stretching, it’s important to make sure your clothes move with you.  Try these lycra shorts. $20; Lucy.

We also love this top for the color pop and design on the back. $46; Beebliss.

A final word of advice: don’t feel like you have to slip out of your fabulous day-to-day look just because you’re getting your workout on! Take this opportunity as a challenge to be true to your style no matter what.


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