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Studying Abroad: Exploring the World and Creating Yourself

  Studying abroad in other countries is more than simply taking classes, doing habitual homework and sightseeing. It is an experience that will open your mind to the engaging world and stretch your thoughts and actions to new proportions. As Miriam Beard said, “travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Travel enhances quality of life by sparking emotions ranging from the appreciation of home sweet home to the innate curiosity to discover the depths of something larger than yourself.

 Appreciation. More than anything else, traveling and studying abroad instills gratitude. When you see the rest of the world, whether it be the struggles or the riches, it makes you thankful for what you were given. Being away from loved ones makes you appreciate friends and family; flaws and all. It brings a new dynamic perspective to the tiny bubble of people that you surround yourself with at home. Sometimes it takes isolated time away from your lifestyle to appreciate it for what it really is. It’s the little, unnoticed things about home that you learn to love the most after experiencing their absence in a foreign place.

Perspective. Living in a different country will no doubt bring new perspectives to the way you live your life. It allows you to pull ideas from cultures you admire and bring those back home to enhance your life. Exploring the world is the best resource you will ever use. Firsthand experience and immersion in a separate culture forces you to think from a unique angle. This change in the thought process broadens the mind in ways only traveling can provide. It is like shopping and bringing your new wardrobe additions to your beloved closet of old favorite clothes. Instead, you develop new facets of your mind and bring these ideas with you to build yourself into a better-rounded person.

Growth. Personal growth is a given when you leave the country as a young Blissful Belle. At times it is hard to adjust to customs and culture differences, but in the end it forces you to adapt and grow. The process of learning about a new culture and learning to accept and embrace it for the length of your travels is a sign of maturity. All experiences foster growth and studying abroad in a foreign location accelerates this growth to higher levels.

Culture. Knowledge of other cultures is part of being a well rounded lady. Culture can be read about in a textbook. This is enough to simply know the knowledge. To understand and integrate that knowledge a person must live in the parallels of another way of life. Culture is important to understand because the world population are collaborating their ideas more and more.


Curiosity. Studying abroad awakens thoughts and dreams inside of you. It naturally puts your mind in a state of curiosity because you are not familiar with your surroundings. The combination of heightened curiosity and new ideas floating around makes the perfect recipe for dreams and goals to surface. Explore, dream and discover!

Explore the world around you because as St. Augustine said: “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Fill your novels with adventures and new experiences by studying abroad and traveling when you get the chance.


One comment on “Studying Abroad: Exploring the World and Creating Yourself

  1. These are great points for international students to remember when they’re getting overwhelmed with the ‘Getting there’ part of the process!

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