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The Best Yoga Styles for Everyone

Complete relaxation.

Always wanted to try yoga but thought there was something holding you back? Well, rest assured, yoga can be performed by practically anyone! Yoga is not only a good exercise, but it also is a great way to unwind and meditate from your crazy life. You don’t need to be a dancer or gymnast to be able to be flexible and do yoga! Yoga can actually help you relieve pain after an injury! Yoga has many health benefits, such as increasing flexibility, balance, and strength. Yoga, in fact, can improve both physical and mental health. Many handicapped have actually found relief after doing yoga. Give it a try!

Out of Shape:

No matter your age or amount of exercise you get daily, you can still try yoga out. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t perform certain moves. Just go slow and take it easy, and soon you will be a yoga connoisseur. Try these simple moves in the beginning:

Staff Pose

Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Flex your feet while elongating your spine. Really engage your thigh muscles to help get a good stretch in. It can be hard work!

 Bridge Pose

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Begin to raise your hips off the floor. This pose can strengthen your back, legs, and can also improve digestion! This pose is simple and feels great on your body. It’s a pose that can be performed by anyone, so give it a try!


Yoga is an activity that can be performed with the disabled and handicapped contrary to what you may believe. It is actually very beneficial in alleviating stress and depression.  Some beneficial poses that can be performed by the disabled are the snake pose and half tortoise pose.

     Snake Pose

This exercise involves lying down on the floor with pressure put on your hands, while your upper body is raised. You inhale deeply as you raise your upper body and remain in this position until you feel you’ve held it long enough.

Half Tortoise Pose

 The half tortoise pose involves sitting on the balls of your feet and extending your arms forward and bending down until your forehead touches the floor. Simple moves can make a big difference!


Yoga can be performed on pregnant women, too. It is very beneficial to be calm and stress-free during your pregnancy and while giving birth. Certain poses, such as the warrior pose and tree pose can be helpful to pregnant women.


Seated Forward Bend

 Sit with your legs outstretched. Lift your hands up above your head and slowly bend forward really stretching your hands to your feet. Inhale as you lift your hands up and exhale as you reach across to your toes (or wherever you feel comfortable reaching!)


 Tree Pose

 To assume the tree pose, first stand straight with your feet together. Next, you want to put all your weight onto your left foot. Pick up your right foot while bending your right leg. Place the sole of your right foot onto your left thigh. Stretch upward as you put your right foot into your left thigh. Lift your arms up over your hand and place hands together once you have maintained your balance. Hold position for thirty seconds and repeat with your left leg on your right thigh.

These poses can be beneficial to being successful through your nine months. Breathing techniques are beneficial during the actually birthing process too, being as they calm the mind and body. If you ever thought you couldn’t do yoga, think again. Blissful Belle readers are of every body type, and yoga does not discriminate against them. Everyone wants to relieve stress and be happy, healthy and calm. The key is to take the moves slowly. Don’t try to do more than you can handle. Soon enough, you’ll notice the changes to your mind and body, and you will notice a more peaceful you!


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