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Bags for Every Occasion

It gets carried around endlessly, has constant use and holds all the essentials. It can also be a girl’s sanctuary—meaning, no man’s land. Chaos is a name it knows with things constantly being thrown in hastily. It’s extremely fashionable and it’s that added touch to any outfit.  Why, it’s a girls’ purse. And we’ve found the best and gorgeous bags for each and every occasion.


Medium sized purse, with minimal zippers and pockets—For an internship, versatility is key because you want a purse that is easy to carry, holds all the important things you need (like a notepad to take notes), and lots of space to easily access your cell phone, in case your boss suddenly calls. It also has to fit the style of your internship—for example, if you’re working in the fashion industry, then you want a purse that is fashionable and will make you stand out. But at the same time, you need it to be easily accessible. You don’t want to be fumbling to unzip your bag to find a pen while your boss is giving you information to write down. So opt for minimal zippers and pockets, as it will make your internship a lot easier. Try this Sami Quilted Handbag. $54.95;


Handbag —Like an internship, you want a bag that is easily accessible. If you work in an office setting, then a normal sized purse is good, but if you work somewhere that requires a lot of movement then go for something like a messenger bag. It goes across your chest or just over your shoulder, is durable to carry your jobs essentials and fashionable all at the same time. Uh, score! Buckle Shocker;$112.05;

Formal Occasion:

The Clutch— For a night that requires you to wear monster heels, a dress, and whatever else—you don’t want a huge purse that feels like carrying a two-hundred pound man around, or one that takes over the attention of your knockout gown. Instead, opt for something small and light like a clutch. It’s easy to carry, holds the nights essentials like lip gloss, ID, and keys, and it can accentuate your outfit, not overbear it. It’s also perfect if you’re headed out to the bar and want something you won’t lose, and can carry around the little things that you don’t want to hold in your hand, or put in your friends bag. If you’re wearing a cute strapless mini dress, then just throw it under your arm, because a purse shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your night. If you really want to dance, just hold on to it tightly in your hand and carry on. Clutch bag; $60.34;


Across the chest purse or wristlet— If you’re at a party and decide to bring a purse that requires you to leave it somewhere, there is always the chance that you might drink a little bit too much and lose it, or even get it stolen from people you don’t know. Which, both would totally suck, so the best solution for this is to get a purse that goes across your chest with a strap, or even use a wristlet purse. This way, you can hold on to it the whole night, without having to really hold on to it. The across the chest purse is really easy to carry around as it simply hangs by your side, with the support being in your shoulder and chest, and the wristlet is perfect when you just want to carry the bare minimum like your cell phone, keys, and makeup. Body bag; $43.10;

Date Night:

Shoulder Bag—If you’re off for the night with a hot date, then wearing a sleek shoulder bag is perfect. It can be extremely stylish, while showing your date that you don’t need to haul around a huge bag that is bigger than the two of you put together. You want something that will accommodate your outfit, so dark colours are usually perfect for this, as they either stand out against your light coloured outfit, or blend in perfectly with something dark. In The Hills, during Lauren Conrad’s date nights, she would usually go for a Chanel bag, in a pretty beige colour. It went with all of her outfits and really made her look chic, not over the top. Shoulder bag; $52.95;

Girls Night:

Fashionable shoulder bag—If it’s girls night then your options for purses are endless because your friends likely won’t really care which purse you decide to bring. However, it does depend on what you’re planning on doing or going. If it’s a night out for drinks, then grab a clutch like the ones mentioned for a formal or bar occasion. But if it’s just a night out for dinner or a sleepover, then the sky’s the limit. There’s no need to get too choosy here, but in this case, the girlier the better! We all love compliments sometimes, so hearing that your bag looks amazing, will make you feel fabulous. Bring a cute, splurge-worthy shoulder bag, like the Juicy Couture one below or one with lots of rhinestones or fringe. Make it match your outfit, or not. It’s up to you, your outfit and your unique personal style. Daydreamer bag; $198; Juicy Couture.

Day at the beach:

Tote bag—For a day at the beach, it’s all about the tote bag. That way, you can carry around everything you need: sunscreen, towel, snacks, tanning lotion, etc, without having to try to stuff everything into a smaller bag and make it all fit. Plus, you don’t have to opt for just any bag. Even while enjoying a day in the sun, you can still be cute with your tote bag. For this, bring one that has a summary colour with lots of patterns and designs. Roxy is perfect as they have a huge variety of patterns, colours, and shapes to fit your style. Tote Bag; $28; Roxy.

Which is your favorite?


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