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Dear 16-Year-Old-Me: Gina McNamee

Dear 16-year-old-me will feature BB writers’ and readers’ personal letters to their younger selves. If you’re interested in having your letter published on Blissful Belle, send us an email to

Dear 16-year-old me,

You might not fully know it, but you’ve got it pretty good right now. I know you hate waking up at 6 every morning, and the looming thought of your SAT score makes you stress and bite your nails, but look around you. And no, 16-year-old-me, I don’t mean a superficial glance around the room. Really look and appreciate every single tiny moment that encompasses the next few years, because there won’t be a single second like it once you hit 18.

The most important thing you must do is cherish your family. Don’t be too embarrassed by Dad; you never know how much longer you’ll be in the same home together. Take lots of prom pictures this year with Mom and Dad in them too, because later on those photographs will remind you how great your life was with these two amazing people working together as parents.  Look after your little sister extra carefully for the next five years or so, because (and you don’t know it yet) you are her rock and the one she looks up to the most.

I don’t want to scare you, 16-year-old me, but some big changes are coming your way in the next few years. You’re going to be just fine, but I think you should open your eyes a little bit; be less naive. Accept the fact that not everything has to go according to plan.  Stop wishing your family was “less boring,” because, in a few short years, a part of you will be dying for things to go back to how they are now. You’re going to learn so many lessons in the near future, and you will pass every test beautifully, so have confidence in yourself and always look forward.

Please, 16-year-old me, do not shed tears for boys who wouldn’t shed them for you. I know it’s hard and I know you’re young, but don’t invest your heart in someone who doesn’t give you everything you deserve. I promise you, you will know what love feels like when you’re older…and yes, it is exactly like all of those fantasies and movie kisses you’ve been playing over and over again in your head.  Sometimes, however, your love will be tested by obstacles that seem nearly impossible to overcome. Don’t lose yourself, 16-year-old me; don’t let your heart get broken so easily.

You are brave and beautiful and genuine; please make sure to hold onto these traits for the rest of your life. Be who you are: be the girl who does the right thing, act on what you believe, and never back down or apologize for your opinions.

Know your family and friends love you dearly, and your future couldn’t be any brighter. Enjoy the journey of graduating high school, then college, and then, finally, bask in the joy of living your life!


21-year-old you


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