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How to: Make a Sophisticated Scrapbook

Photos hold memories in a standstill graphic. A single picture can encompass an array of emotions and meaning to a person. It only makes sense to present and cherish this memorabilia with the utmost care. This is where the art of scrapbooking comes into play. A scrapbook is a way to showcase photos in a special and individualized fashion. The modern technology has made photo albums with hard photo copies a rarity. Get those creative juices flowing and create a sophisticated scrapbook instead of adding photos to a Facebook album.

  • Title the scrapbook. Obvious, yet necessary. Avoid future confusion and come up with a title the represents the scrapbook as a whole. In a way, a scrapbook is a mini life story book. Book titles provide definition. Be sure to define your very own stories with a few clever words.
  • Add dates to your scrapbook pages. It is always a pleasure to be able to remember the time period of your life that the photos were taken in. Be sure to include a general date on your pages. You might think that you will remember and could not possibly forget the date of important events, but time gets the best of us! Leave clues and hints for your mind when you look back at the scrapbook ten years later.
  • Write creative captions and quotes on the pages. Words can bring pictures to life. Capture those precious moments of your life with both words and pictures side by side. Quotes will be forgotten so fill your scrapbook with the best of the best. It will help capture the essence of that period of your life. Paint a picture with a story to entertain yourself later. It will be sure to spark memories!
  • Decorate the way you feel. There is no right or wrong when it comes to scrapbook skills. What you think looks best IS best. Let your mind wander and create the pages as your creativity flows. When you flip through your book you will see individuality. The beauty of a scrapbook is that there can never be an exact copy of it. Every scrapbook has it’s own character and you are in charge of how that character will be represented. It is a showcase of your memories so color it with the stories of your life.
  • Summarize the scrapbook. Tie the loose ends and write a small blurb in the back of the book about the pictures and your experiences included. Think of it as background knowledge for your pictures. It is surprising how much people forget and the more clues and information you leave for yourself, the more you will remember the great times of your life!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words than a scrapbook must be worth 10,000 words. Modern technology has replaced the old fashioned hard copies of photos. Take time to display and enjoy your photos with these savvy scrapbook tips. Memories provide a key to the past and every Blissful Belle can easily document her story.


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