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Dear 16-Year-Old Me: Maura Lieberman


Dear 16-year-old-me will feature BB writers’ and readers’ personal letters to their younger selves. If you’re interested in having your letter published on Blissful Belle, send us an email to​m.

Dear 16-year-old me,

Don’t fret the small things in life. Sure, you want to be independent, but be happy with your life. High school is a great time in your life. You might be able to drive, but you’re only a teenager, so stop trying so hard to grow up. As much as you think you’re an adult and can do what you want, you should enjoy your teenage years. You have your entire life to work and be independent, so enjoy this free time of yours. Save your money, because college is expensive, and Ramen noodles get boring after a while. Don’t spend your paycheck on every cute top you see at the mall. Styles change, and you’re going to need that money for more important things.

High school isn’t all that bad, although you surely won’t miss that 6 am wake-up call once you’re off to college. Enjoy life, take part in activities, and get involved with school. You’re going to regret it if you don’t live up these years.
Spend time with your friends and family. Your true friends from high school are going to last forever, and you will soon figure out who your true friends are. Stop worrying about boyfriend/friend drama because life is better and less shallow than high school. High school drama isn’t the end of the world.

Open up your eyes to the real world. You may think your town is boring and there’s nothing to do, but you can do something about that. Get involved, volunteer, make a difference; whatever it takes. College is not boring, and sometimes it’s a little too fast-paced. You’re going to miss some of your good times in high school.

College is only two years away, so study, study, study, and try to excel in Geometry, although you won’t use it in college. Figure out your interests, so you don’t go into college undecided and wondering what you’re going to do with your life.

Don’t ever lose sight in who you are. Don’t change for anyone. You may think the popular crowd is all that, but your true friends are the only ones that matter.

Remember, you’re only sixteen. Your whole life is ahead of you. You’re going to miss being this young when you’re out in the working world. Have fun, and don’t take things too seriously.

You are in charge of creating your own destiny! Good luck!


Your 19-year-old self


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