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How To: Find Balance in Your Busy Life

Life can get pretty hectic. Well, duh—with so many demands needing attention right away, or even at the same time—it can be pretty daunting to try to remain in control of everything. If you ever find yourself with little or no room to even breathe due to constant projects on the go, or several people breathing down your neck, bombarding you with questions and plans—then girl, you’re one busy chick. To help you deal with your busy, chaotic, but amazing life, follow these tips to keep life balanced and under control.

If everything in your life is chaotic and all over the place, then your mind will likely be, too. You need to organize everything together so that you know exactly where things are supposed to be, what you and your girlfriends are going to do next week, and so on. Start by taking control of your living space. If your room is a complete mess (which, I’m sure it is for a lot of us) then clean up and organize things so you can easily find them. We all know what it’s like to be in a hurry, and trying to get ready in a room where you can’t find anything, certainly doesn’t help. If you have a desk with all your important documents and files, then sort through them and create some sort of system that will ensure you never lose anything important. Make sure that everything that you need on a daily basis is easily available at hand.

Plan Ahead: When you don’t know what lies in the week ahead of you, it can make your head spin when you suddenly realize that you have an assignment due here, and a lunch with your mom there. All of this can be avoided if you simply just plan ahead. On every Sunday, before the new week begins, make a list of things to do, or even go out and get a planner that lets you know exactly what you have to do, and when you have to do it. When you cross things off your list, you’ll feel much better knowing that everything is getting accomplished.

Don’t procrastinate: Now, you have to admit, at some point, we’ve all been stuck struggling to finish a huge assignment due the next day. So we sit there, until early in the morning, downing coffee and fighting the urge to just pass out on your assignment. It’s not a good feeling, yet we seem to do it, over and over again. Well, to gain balance in your life, you have to stop this bad habit, now. You can do this by using your planner and doing things when you’re supposed to. If you leave everything to the last minute, then your life will not only be chaotic, but you’ll feel it too—and no one likes to be around someone who is constantly on edge, trying to urgently finish everything, and somewhat resembling a frantic, crazy person. Instead, to avoid all that, do things when you have to and don’t leave everything to the last minute! With practice, soon, your procrastinating days will be long gone. And always, do important things first—sometimes it seems easier to do the things that seem easiest, but really, do what is more important. Whichever holds the most effort and importance, get it done first.

Balance a social and work life: It’s awesome to do amazing in your job or schooling, but if you’re desperately craving a girls night with your best friends, or even a date night—then don’t feel bad for ditching a night of studying. The key here is moderation, you want a balance that will allow you to do awesome in your studies and career, but also have complete well-being when it comes to maintaining relationships and happiness.

Make time for you: If you’re constantly on the go, doing a million things at once, you’re bound to get stressed out—if not a little, then definitely a lot. To help you avoid this, set all the tips above in motion to help you regain some balance, and then once everything seems to simmer down, make some time for yourself. I, personally love to have “me nights.” I’ll order in food, watch chick flicks or Sex and the City marathons, and read Cosmopolitan magazines. For me, that is complete bliss and happiness. Next Saturday night; instead of planning a hectic schedule—spend a night in and relax. Light some candles, wear whatever makes you feel the comfiest. And if ever, there’s a moment where you feel completely stressed and unwell, fix your posture and take a few deep breaths. Remind yourself, that with time, life with all its chaos will somehow, eventually sort itself out.


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