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The Right Summer Makeup For You

Summer is about freedom from school, happiness, and–minimal make-up! Long days at the beach and spending your time relaxing means you don’t need to put globs on make-up on to feel beautiful! As much as the sun can cause major make-up meltdowns, it doesn’t have to if you just follow a few simple tricks. Take these easy make-up do’s and don’ts to help your face be as free and light as the skirts and sundresses you wear!

Do: Waterproof Mascara

Lashes that pop can accentuate your entire face! Mascara is my must-have staple and looks great with a tan! Just make sure it’s waterproof if you’re planning a day at the pool.

Don’t: Powder

Using powder to “help” your face retain make-up and stop sweating can end up making you look as if you’re wearing loads of make-up and unnatural! Powder can really cake up your face and make you look pale. Instead, try oil-blotting sheets to avoid your make-up from running down your face AND won’t cause your make-up to come off.

Do: Cheek Stains

Cheek stains are great for the summer in lieu of regular blush because it won’t run down your face on those 100 degree days!

Don’t: Forget Sunscreen!

Even if you’re wearing foundation with a small amount of SPF, you still need to wear sunscreen! Your skin will thank you later on in life when you’re wrinkle-free and free of any harsh burns!

Do: Eye shadow Primer

Prior to applying eyeshadow, prime your eyelid with an eye shadow primer. This guarantees that your eye shadow will stay on your lids!

Don’t:  Foundation

As much as you want to cover up blemishes with foundation, resist the urge by instead using a tinted moisturizer. Foundation can be a pore-clogger in the sweltering sun! It’ll prevent any summer make-up malfunctions!

Blissful Belles are bound to spend some carefree time in the sun (as they deserve it!) and want to look good without excessive amounts of make-up on. Summer does not mean layer on the bronzer for us fair-skinned ladies, so drop the bronzer and spend some real time in the sun (just remember the sunscreen)!


One comment on “The Right Summer Makeup For You

  1. Sharlotte
    July 26, 2011

    These are great! I’ve had to resist the urge of putting on foundation ( I have a few acne spots ugh ) unless I’m going out at night! Same with powder haha 🙂

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