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The Kardashian’s New Nail Polish Collection

The Kardashian sisters are slowly taking over the world, from their reality shows, clothing boutiques, and fragrances there is nothing these girls won’t do. Now, they trying their hand at nail polish, with the help of Nicole by OPI to launch their own set called Kardashian Kolors.

The collection includes 14 different nail polishes, ranging from high shine to shimmer and sparkler colors. There is a variety of pink shades, neutral colors and some bright reds. Each color is linked to a certain member of the Kardashian clan, from “Kourt is Redy for a Pedi” to “Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam” and even “Sealed with a Kris.”

The nail polishes retail for about $8.00 and are targeted for all age groups, from teens to working women.  However, the Kardashian Kolors Collection won’t be available until the holiday season but they will make good stocking stuffer gifts!

OPI has worked with several other celebrities including, Justin Bieber Katy Perry, and even a line of Fox’s hit show Glee.  Justin Bieber’s collection sold over millions and was in constant demand. Obviously, the Kardashian sisters are hoping for the same effect and we will just have to wait and see.


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