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U2: Out of Control in NJ

Bono and The Edge

U2 rocked out to a sold out show Wednesday, at the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, as they reach the home stretch of their two year 360˚ tour. With nearly 100,000 people in the audience, U2 played an unbelievable set for over two hours.

It has been 30 years since U2 first performed in New Jersey and although a lot has changed, Bono stated some things haven’t.

“As for me, I haven’t changed much, still a man of simple needs, just 200 trucks, 400 tons of equipment, and 95,000 people and I’m happy” joked Bono.

The tour, which originally started in Barcelona in 2009, requires over five hundred people on the road and employs over two hundred people in each local destination.

The set alone is a show within itself, with a futuristic design that resembles something from outer space. A 360 degree stage allows Bono and the band to be completely surrounded by the audience.

The stage contains four legged steel structures, with videos screens hanging all around them; Along with two moving bridges and circular ramps that hover over the audience.

“The Claw” landed in New Jersey

But the stage didn’t take away from the bands amazing talent, with songs like “With or Without You,” “Vertigo” and “Magnificent” creating a fury of excitement in the audience.

The band also paid tribute to Rep. Gabrielle Gifford and showed a video clip of her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly in space. Also, Bono, a long time Bruce Springsteen fan, dedicated “Moment of Surrender” to Clarence Clemons, the late saxophonist of the E Street Band.

Bono admitted that U2 has played in East Rutherford over 24 times and he stopped to read a setlist the band played in Asbury Park in the mid-80s. With some nostaglia, U2 played songs from numerous periods of their career including, “Out of Control,” “The Fly” and “Miss Sarajevo.”

With a set list of over 26 songs, one of their longest shows on the tour, and the creative futuristic stage and lights, it really made for an unforgettable night.

Interpol opened for U2 and will play for two more shows before the band plays their final concert in Canada.

Here’s a video of U2 performing their 360˚ show at the old Meadowlands in 2009.

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