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Fall Fashion Tips for 2011

As much as we dread the approaching fall season from arriving, it is inevitable and must arrive at some time, so embrace it! (It is fall already in the fashion world!) Break out some new and exciting pieces for slightly chilly days by the bonfire!

Skinny Jeans:

The must-have staple is a great look to rock during the fall season! Skinny jeans can match practically anything. Grab your favorites in every color and pair with flats, heels, or boots for a nighttime or daytime look! $68.00, Levi’s

Cozy Sweaters:

 Sweaters are great for keeping warm and looking cute while staying cozy! Everybody can enjoy a nice sweater in the chilly fall season! $49.50, Victoria’s Secret

Bright blazers:

Take the dull colors of fall and winter and spice them up with some bright colors to make your mood go from drab to fab! Blazers are perfect ANY season, and they and can make you look polished and professional. Added bonus: Pair them with a bright colored item to help add some color and pop to your outfit! $27.80, Forever 21

Long Skirts:

Long skirts are perfect for the fall because you still have the freedom to wear a skirt, but you can cover up your legs for the chilly days! $49.50, American Eagle

Wide Leg Pants:

Wide leg pants are a great switch-up to the staple skinny jean. They can be worn at work but can still look cute for the weekend. Pair with a nice pair of heels or wedges, and you’re looking good! $19.80, Forever 21

Blissful Belles enjoy keeping up with the latest style trends, and they can now be prepared for the upcoming fall season with just a few new stylish pieces!


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