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How To: Learn a New Language with 5 Simple Tips

girl learning a foreign language

Learn a new language and expand your world!

Education unlocks your mind to a world of new possibilities. A creative way to educate yourself is to learn a new language. According to, a website about languages and cultures, there are 6,912 living languages and about 516 of those are almost extinct. That being said, there is a huge opportunity to teach yourself any language that you choose. The good news is that you can do it right from the comfort of your own home! Here are some ways to become language-savvy in your dialect of choice. Becoming fluent won’t happen overnight, because like anything else, it takes hard work to reach goals. Practice makes perfect!

1. Rosetta Stone or Instant Immersion. Both of these programs are designed to integrate language into daily vocabulary. English is not used on the software programs and they go through basic levels to build skill. The computer programs have vocabulary, grammar and speaking sessions. It is designed with visual and audio cues to maximize literacy in the chosen language. Rosetta Stone offers languages from Spanish to Vietnamese. It offers ways to maximize natural language abilities, learn with others online and play interactive games to make the entire process fun. Rosetta Stone includes features such as speech recognition technology and periodic testing to recall information. Instant Immersion is a cheaper version of Rosetta Stone that offers similar benefits. Make a goal to practice on the programs for just ten minutes every night and your language proficiency will increase slowly but surely.

2. Watch TV. Sounds perfect, right? Sit back and watch TV and learn a new language. Piece of cake! The catch is that attention has to be fully focused on the show. It is only beneficial if you translate the words in your mind, analyze phrases and follow along to the best of your ability. TV in a different language can be a really great skill builder and a way to work on interpretation and enhance understanding. Pick a show and follow along with the episodes to immerse yourself in the culture and language!

3. Grab a book. Reading is a tried and true method of learning. Picking up a simple informational book about a desired language is always a savvy technique. It’s free too. Just head to the nearest library and check out a couple books and get learning’!

4. Make a goal to learn two or three new vocabulary words every day. Just search on the computer for a few new words and their definitions. It sounds like a small effort, but it will add up every time. The key is to pace yourself so that you don’t get burnt out and quit all together.

5. Create flashcards with phrases and post them around your room. Even when you aren’t working on your chosen language these phrases will pop into your mind. Every little bit helps! The phrases will become ingrained into your mind because of the visual exposure you will get on a daily basis. Make sure to change out the phrases once you have mastered the previous ones!

Learning a new language takes two important virtues: determination and patience. Anyone can become a language-savvy belle with those two traits. Be resourceful and committed and fluency will be in your future. Knowledge of other languages will aid you in your efforts in becoming a better-rounded Blissful Belle. Try these tips because as Federico Fellini said, “a different language is a different vision of life.”


One comment on “How To: Learn a New Language with 5 Simple Tips

  1. Moderntage
    August 6, 2011

    I want to learn French. It’s difficult considering I didn’t take French in during high school. As far as books go… I’ll take baby steps. I’ll learn French the same way I learned English. First, the picture books, then the television (no one I know speaks French. They are all too afraid to make mistakes. Amateurs.) Helpful tips though. Thanks. I’ll pass this on. Have a nice day!

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