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Pack a Powerful Punch with Piloxing

The same old, same old cardio routines such as biking, running and swimming are getting a little stale for long time exercise enthusiasts. The newest fat torching workout to hit the celebrity fitness world is Piloxing. Like the name sounds, Piloxing is a fusion between Pilates and boxing. According to, the new physical activity blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. It is a triple threat with its hit intensity intervals, muscle strengthening and flexibility components. For busy Blissful Belles, piloxing can satisfy multiple fitness needs with a one hour class.

The class is done barefoot with choreographed moves. The atmosphere is vibrant, upbeat and energized with powerful punching and sculpting. Individuals have a choice to use weighted gloves. These weighted gloves increase the intensity of the training and enhance the toning results of the class.

Piloxing values women empowerment and the goal of the workout is to not only create sleek muscles, but to increase confidence and improve the self-image of the ladies in attendance. The class isn’t just about improving fitness. It is about improving each woman’s life by starting with body image and attitude. Women feel powerful after working it out in a dynamic Piloxing session. Piloxing DVD additions are also sold for at home convenience.

Piloxing was created by Viveca Jensen, a Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer, and has since become a favored workout of celebs around the world. She created Piloxing after suffering a dance injury. Jensen looked to Pilates to build strength and used past knowledge to incorporate boxing. Jensen currently resides in California where she is the CEO of the PILOXING Academy. You can follow Viveca on twitter @Piloxing.

Piloxing is a new integrative workout that can be classified as hip and modern with classic core Pilates fundamentals at the base of the movements. Blissful Belles will not only have the chance to tone their bodies, but to improve their self-image as well. The positive atmosphere provides smiles, motivation and a body challenge. Participate in the power that is Piloxing and improve your mind, body and spirit.


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