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The Battle: NDP Leader Jack Layton Fights New Cancer

Follow up, Monday, August 22nd: Jack Layton, 61, died peacefully in his home while being surrounded by loved ones this morning.  Just two days before he passed away, he left a final letter to all Canadians, thanking them for their support and sharing some strong, powerful words.

Less than a month ago, he announced that he was taking a sick leave to focus on getting better. And although he was sporting determination to beat his bout with this cancer, the treatments didn’t go as he had hoped.

Mourning has been ringing out from all over the country, and in Ottawa, the flag on the Peace Tower has been lowered to half mast.

Layton truly was a courageous man that will be missed by millions from not only Canada, but all over the world.

To the Layton family, God bless. And Jack Layton, may you rest in peace.



With a raspy voice, apparent weight loss and a smile that proved his determination—NDP leader, Jack Layton, announced on Monday at a news conference in Toronto that he is battling a new form of cancer, and he damn well sure intends to beat it.
Layton will take a leave of absence as time to focus on treatment and have his two main goals achieved: get well and be back in office by September.

Upon the news, instant support and prayers rang out from all over the country. The nation seems just as determined to have one of their favourite, beloved leaders be alive and well. This includes Quebec—who is one of the provinces that are immensely shocked and saddened by the sudden announcement of Layton’s declining health. Three months prior, his success of nearly wiping the entire Bloc Quebecois off the map, could be to blame for the sudden sympathy. Essentially, many could say that Layton won over Quebec’s heart.

It’s no surprise that there is tremendous sympathy going around. Over the years, the New Democratic Party has won Canadians over—with one of the main reasons being the likeable leader. Layton was the guy that loved to talk to the people. He was always willing to really listen to their concerns. To some, he was more like a friend. At meetings with prospective voters, he never used his smiling, friendly face just to impress others and get the vote. Instead, he was always real and genuine.

In a lot of ways for Canada, Jack is and always will be our guy.

In a recent video posted by the NDPCanada group on Youtube. Layton, again, expressed what has happened to him. He made it clear that more than 25,000 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. And unfortunately, he was one of them.

A smile is shown throughout the entire video, as well as a few light-hearted comments about how he’ll have more time to watch the Olympics. One could believe that he’s merely trying to be strong by using a cool, calm and collected attitude. Or, it’s simply his solid determination that has created him immense success in the polls—he may just be looking at this as another battle that he will win.

It’s the same kind of prostate cancer that his father had seventeen years ago. Luckily, with his own miraculous strength and determination, he was able to beat it. And also, a few years ago, his wife fought her battle with Thyroid cancer and won.

Along with his wife, he has a daughter, Sarah, and a son, Mike.

There was some speculation as to who would take his place as the new Interim NDP leader. It saddens the younger generation and aspiring politicians. To them, Layton has become an inspiration.

To step up and fill his shoes is former union head, Nycole Turmel. She plans to encourage the same values that Layton did. To CBC Radio’s The House, she mentioned that she would be surprised if Layton didn’t come back and take his position as leader.

Either way, with or without Jack Layton, the show goes on. We all know the saying, nice guys finish last. In this case, in the battle against prostate cancer for one of our favourite Canadian leaders, the hope is that, this is true. However, in the battle for Parliament, a lot of Canadians—especially Quebecers are hoping this nice guy won’t be finishing last.

     To the Layton Family, from myself, my family, and I’m sure families from all over the country. We wish you a healthy and safe recovery. God bless.


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