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Why The Fedora Hat Should Be One Of Your Go-To Accessories

I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve noticed that the fedora hat is making a ton of appearances. The first being, duh, Jason Mraz, and the second was on Minka Kelly, one of the leading stars from the movie, “The Roommate” that came out earlier this year. She was able to pull each and every one of her outfits together with it, giving it that extra edge, all the while still making her appear relaxed and laid back. If your hair just really doesn’t want to work, or maybe you want to try something new—then the fedora hat is bound to become one of your newest go-to accessories. And here, are four of the cutest ways to wear it.

With a side braid: I’ve seen tons of celebrities wear it this way. It’s simple, looks crazy adorable, and it gives you that boho look that everyone still seems to be doing. To get the wispy side braid look, simply take your hair and pull it to the side. Begin to create a loose braid, and then once you’re done, take a few strands from the front and from your bangs and pull them to the front. Then place your fedora hat so that it’s either tilted to the side or right dab in the middle.

Hair to the side: This is my favorite since I love to show off my long hair. What I usually do is pull my hair to one side (you can add a few curls if you’d like), and then with my fedora hat, I throw it on and tilt it to the side. Voila, done. If you have shorter hair, you can still do it, just try to bobby pin the back of the side where you’re pulling the hair from. That way, it will stay in place instead of being super annoying and falling out every few seconds.

Hair down: Vanessa Hudgens loves to do the fedora hat with just her long, wavy hair down on both sides. Well, she did. Recently, she sadly cut her hair. I can still see her rocking the fedora, but with a much shorter, but still sweet, style. If you do happen to have long, luscious, beautiful hair—then here’s what you do. Take your hair down so that it’s either in the front or in the back and throw on the hat. I know, I know, so hard and time-consuming.

Hair in a bun: If you’re in a crazy rush to get ready and want a quick style—then one of the easiest, cutest looks is doing a small bun with a fedora hat. All you have to do is take your hair, either twist the hair into a ballerina style bun or just make a fast, messy bun. Then, add some cute dangly earrings and put the fedora hat on and to the side.

And there you have it; four looks that each takes under five minutes to do. It’s simple, sweet, and totally adorable. Which one is your favorite?


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