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Back to Black: The Curious Case of Amy Winehouse


Winehouse’s passing couldn’t be more ironic. Though her cause of death remains ambiguous, the Winehouse family claims that their starlet’s demise was the result of quitting alcohol cold-turkey. According to her family, the diva of substance abuse had a body too frail to handle such a shocking withdrawal, which resulted in a massive seizure and her immediate death.

Winehouse’s father Mitch told the media that doctors had warned his daughter to reduce her drinking gradually, rather than calling it quits on the booze too abruptly. Mitch stated, “Amy told him [the doctor] she couldn’t do that. It was all or nothing, and she gave up [alcohol] completely.” Mitch claims that his daughter had been off drugs for three years, after which she turned to alcohol for solace. She had been sober from alcohol three weeks before her death.

Studies on alcohol withdrawal report that more than five percent of untreated patients undergoing alcohol detoxification will experience seizures. Clinical data claims that “the likelihood of having withdrawal seizures, as well as the severity of those seizures, increases with the number of past withdrawals.”

Winehouse’s body was laid to rest on July 26 in a private service attended by family and friends. U2, Lady Gaga, George Michael, and more  musicians paid tribute to the British soul singer. Since her death, Winehouse’s home has been surrounded by a booze party: fans have formed a drunken gathering to express their strange appreciation. A shrine of flowers, photos, and—strangely enough considering her struggle with alcoholism—vodka bottles was erected in Winehouse’s honour. Intoxicated and passed out fans, cigarette ends, bottles of wine, and cans of
beer littered the street and annoyed neighbors.

Despite her best efforts to get sober, Amy Winehouse has been officially initiated into the “27 Club”: a line of famous musicians—including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison to name a few—who happened to die at the age of twenty-seven due to substance abuse. Once a respected yet tragic musician, Winehouse is now an iconic figure in the music kingdom with a cult following of binge-drinking fans.


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