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How to: Get Back Up After Rejection

When you put all of your hopes into something, only to have it crash right before your eyes, it totally sucks. It makes it easier not to put any expectations into anything, because from the past, you’ve learned that it’s better to get excited when things are actually official. I’m talking about the feeling of thinking you have something completely in the bag, only to get rejected. It happens with all aspects of life: love, career, and so on. It’s a feeling that definitely stings, but all you can do is pick yourself right back up again because no matter how many times you fall, somehow, someway, you have to learn to start again.

Understand the timing: Say you just applied for a job, but you already have one, plus many other tasks that comprise a large part of your day. But you applied because you felt that this job would be more exciting than your other one—which, you still plan to keep as an attempt to balance both. See the problem here? The timing for this new, amazing job, is completely off. If a great opportunity comes to you, then, well, you take it. But if you’re already swamped and stressed out, then hold off on pursing another commitment until you feel you’re ready and things will be easier to manage.

He wasn’t the guy for you: Cliché or not, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason—including the worst of things. And I also believe that the same thing goes for guys as they float through our lives and hold different titles such as: ex-boyfriend that you despise, first love that you’ll never forget, stupid, idiot jerk who said he loved you then broke your heart… yes, I believe that they all happened for a reason. You see, life throws us a lot of unexpected, horrible things that we think we’re not ready for. And at the time, maybe we’re not. But, with time, you get over it and look at it as a learning experience. So you got rejected and hurt by a guy—it’s okay, it most likely happened for a reason because he just wasn’t the guy for you. Pick yourself up, and put yourself out there again. Give it time, the right guy will eventually find his way to you.

It can pave the way to bigger, better things:Life happens in strange ways, with curveballs being thrown at us constantly, knocking us off course and off balance. But, just because life doesn’t always want to go perfectly, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop trying. With failure, eventually comes success, it just all matters on what you control yourself to do. Nothing in life comes easy, and for those who are now immensely successful, like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and so on—they didn’t get where they are now by sitting on their butt waiting for life to finally agree with them and their choices. No, to start really going somewhere in life, you have to take rejection and look at it as a way to pave your life to bigger, better things. And to get you even more motivated to work harder, be successful, and most of all, follow your dreams.


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