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How to: Get Fuller Lips

With the world of beauty and all the products that promise to enhance what you’ve already got, it can make it easy to think that beauty isn’t all that skin deep. Because, hey, all you have to do is throw on cover up here, and eyeliner there. But that’s not true, and the same goes for your lips.
For bigger lips, you don’t have to get lip injections, that you will, without a doubt regret—think Courtney Cox—instead, you can do it the faux way that still looks gorgeous, definitely, plump and oh, so kissable.

Here, below, and shown in my video tutorial, are the necessary ways to get lips that even Angelina Jolie would be jealous of.

Use toothbrush: This, of course, is going to sound wacky. But, it works! What you will need is an old toothbrush (that is clean!), you will need to moisten it with water. Then, just like you’re brushing your teeth, you will begin to brush your lips instead. What this will do is take away any dead skin from your lips and make them appear more raised and bigger. You will feel a tingly, numb kind of feeling in your lips. No worries! It’s normal, and it’s what you want.

Apply Lip Liner: The trick to making the lips appear fuller is to literally do that. Rather than apply the lip liner onto the actual lip, you want to go right on the skin beside it. Start by outlining all around on the skin, staying very close to the lips (if you go too far out, it’ll just look weird). Then, after you’re done outlining and going through all of the creases, you want to make a line at the bottom of your lip (middle of top, middle of bottom). I, personally, like to do two on the bottom and two on the upper lip. What this will do is make the focal points of your lips (top and bottom) appear much fuller.

Apply Lip plumper or lip gloss/lip stick: When I make my lips bigger, I like to use lip plumper. Now, you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on them, because I know that some products can be in the twenty dollar price range. What you can rather do is buy a cheaper kind like Sally Hansen Lip Plumper Extreme (shown in video) or Wet N’ Wild Lip Plumper (shown in video). What this will do is exactly what is says—plump your lips! Again, you will feel a tingling, don’t worry, it’s normal.

Smudge away the lip liner line, and blend it in: After you’ve applied some sort of lip plumper or lip gloss, it’s time to smudge away all the excess lines. You don’t want to leave it because it’ll look way to noticeable. So, to avoid all that, simply just take one of your fingers and rub along the edges of your lips, and smooth in the lines to mesh with your lip gloss.


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