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Adorable Animal Jewelry


Zebra print, move aside: animal-themed jewelry is an uber-cute and fresh way to incorporate some nature into your outfit. Venture out into the wild, and scope out the most adorable pieces from the fashion animal kingdom.

The tiny elephant on this mother-of-pearl locket packs enough charm to knock you off your feet. Gorgeous filigree surrounds it, making this piece a whimsical combination of adorable and elegant. And you can never have too much elephant in your collection! Etsy, pollinidesign, $22.50

The birdcage is a timeless symbol of longing to be free. This silver necklace uncages the bird, setting it free to pursue a little blue crystal. Perfect for dreamers everywhere. Etsy, lilaladyblue, $34.00

No member of the animal kingdom is prettier and more delicate than the butterfly, and these fringe earrings represent their ethereal nature beautifully. So why not let a pair of golden butterflies flutter beneath your ears? Forever 21, $4.80

This peacock feather ring (left) is a subtle take on animal jewelry, but a definite splurge at £180.00, about $295. For a more affordable alternative, check out this feather ring (below) from Etsy, and fall in love with feathers. Peacock ring, Alex Monroe, $295. Feather ring, Etsy, RingRingRing, $35

If you’d love to have a little bird on your finger, and minimalism is your thing, then this baby bird ring is made for you. It’s also handmade from recycled materials, so it’ll please your conscience as well as your eyes. Uncommon goods, $28

What would a roundup of the most adorable animal jewelry be without narwhals? This brooch allows you to pin the “unicorn of the sea” to your favorite sweater. It’s bound to grant any outfit an aura of marine majesty. Etsy, touchthedutch, $44

With animal jewelry, it’s easy to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your outfit. Animal jewelry can also be surprisingly classy and subtle, making it perfect for any occasion. Best of all, most of the jewelry featured above is handmade, and sites like Etsy are full of handcrafted, unique pieces for all tastes. With such a range of prices, styles and looks out there, feel free to unleash your animal side!


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