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Turn A Don’t Into A Do

If Snooki can turn her low neckline from a Don't to a Do, anyone can!


It is no misconception that there are just certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion.  For example: don’t wear white socks with black dress shoes, do invest in a classic little black dress.  There are some classic don’ts, however, that deserve a second look.  Who says a Blissful Belle can’t have the confidence and style to pull off any look she wants? Follow these tips on how to wear black and blue (at the same time), pair your gold jewels with your silver ones, and make your own rules for fashion.

As a general rule, mixing is in and matching is out.  One of the classic no-no’s of mixing navy blue and black (or even dark brown and black) is one that you can learn to conquer and still look impeccably chic.  A great way to start is by using accessories to mix up the color.  For example, pair your true blue dress with a black belt to give your look a more nighttime affect.  We love this TFNC frock, about $100 (59 euro).  Snap on a skinny leather black belt and throw on some sky high pumps and you’re good to go! The elegant back on this dress is perfect for any cocktail event—it makes the dress sexy without trying too hard or showing too much skin.     

To make an even bigger statement, try balancing your blues and blacks together.  One part blue plus one part black equals fabulous! Once the fall hits, invest in a super comfy oversized black sweater, like this one, $250, from bluefly.  Pair it with our favorite cobalt nylon leggings, $34, from American Apparel. The contrast in materials with the similarities in color makes for an unexpected look that will keep you cozy in the fall.  Slip on some simple flats for an added chic touch, like these leather ones, $55, by Steve Madden.

To mix it up with your accessories, we love pairing golds, bronzes, and silvers together.  Delicate gold studs go great with chunky silver jewelry.  We found this chainlink necklace, $24 from Urban Outfitters, and absolutely fell in love! You’ll look trendy and can mix and match it with any type of jewlery without looking like you’ve raided all your friends jewlery boxes.  Also, be sure to check out Etsy for tons of original handmade designs sols by artists.  Here are some other BB jewelry favorites to mix and match with your classics at home!


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