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College Essentials for Upcoming Freshmen!

Stressed about packing for college? Well, don’t worry! There are a few essentials you should bring to school, while there are plenty of things you should leave at home!

For clothing, bring one of your favorite formal dresses, a great pair of heels, AND plenty of sweats! (Hey, 8 a.m classes are tough!) You don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe and clothing from middle school that you insist you’re going to wear at some point!

For your dorm room, bring a shower caddy if you are going to have to shower in a communal bathroom. (And shower flip flops are a MUST!) Buy things in bulk, such as paper towels.

Having a comfy room is crucial to surviving college! Purchase a mattress pad and a mattress topper to make your bed feek a lot cozier! Buy a comfy comforter and several pairs of sheets because you won’t do laundry as often as you think you will.

Buy food that is non-perishable and easy to make for when you don’t feel like going to the dining hall or local eatery. Ramen noodles are your best friends, but start to get old after a while, so switch up your meals!

Don’t forget to bring silly things that you won’t think to bring, such as a flash light, batteries, light bulbs and tape! It’s funny how badly you might need one of those in the future!

If you have a kitchen, bring a decent amount of plates and bowls. Other than that, you won’t need to bring everything from your kitchen at home. If you don’t have a kitchen, don’t bring lots of utensils and bowls, because you won’t need them!

Also, discuss with your roommate what you’re going to bring to school and what she can bring, and then you guys won’t end up with two fridges and two TVs!

Good luck, belles!


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