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How To: Prepare For Your Freshman Year of College

College is a hard time for more students (especially if you’re going to a school thousands of miles away!) But with a few tips and tricks, you’ll feel at home in no time!

Join a club: Clubs are great ways to have some fun doing something you love and meet people with similar interests as you!

Join an athletic team: Who doesn’t love a good workout after spending all day stuck studying in the library? Play a sport that you love, or hit the gym to make you feel at your best!

Get along with your roommate: You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate, but it’s best if you two at least get along! Remember, your room is your home, so you should probably not dread going back to it!

Decorate your dorm: Whether you choose fun posters or pictures of friends and family, you’ll sure make your room feel cozy and comfier than just blank white walls.

Get a job on campus: First semester you may want to get used to your surroundings at school, but second semester, you can try to find a fun job on campus! Work at a coffee shop or at a bookstore. It’s a great way to make some cash and meet some new people.

Get out of your room: Your room is a great comfort zone, but you have to break out of it in order to be happy at school. Don’t spend hours skyping your boyfriend from home, or else you’ll be feeling sad and unhappy at school!

Blissful Belles should know how to spend their freshman year of college in order to be happy and successful at school! Happy college years!


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