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How To: Get Over A Friend Break Up


We’ve all been there. You know, getting into a fight with a friend, and it kind of blows up…and you don’t know where things are going to go. Sometimes it results in the end of a friendship. Then, what do you do? Here are some tips on how to get by.

Don't be a Mean Girl

Don’t Start Getting Catty with Others About It
It is okay to vent. However, making people choose one friend or another often makes the situation worse. Although it might make you feel good, it might just make you look less attractive to others.

Get Busy With Other Things

Did that friend HATE a certain activity that you loved? Start doing it again. Was there a movie that you missed because of her? Go see it. Was there something you always wanted to try, but she always seemed to get in the way? Go ahead and do it! You might make new friends doing that!

See Other People
If you’re anything like me, you most likely hang out with the same people over and over and neglect your other friends. Venture out. Interact with those you haven’t seen in a while. Make new friends.

Remember It’s Okay to Cry
This goes without saying. It’s okay to be upset over the loss of a friend. You don’t have to pretend that everything is fine all the time.


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