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Savvy Staple Clothing Pieces for Every Wardrobe

Achieving a stylish and poised appearance every time you walk out the door doesn’t have to translate into a bankrupt and bewildered Blissful Belle. Money spent on classic and versatile pieces will save in the long run. It will cut out the need for the random ‘somehow will work with something I wear someday’ items. It doesn’t require fashionista training or expert style advice. Five simple additions to your wardrobe can help you mix and match to put together classy outfits at a moment’s notice.

1. Trendy and textured piece. The options are wide open when it comes to textured pieces. It can be anything from a tweed pant to a lace shirt. Adding an item with texture adds interest and dimension to a look. If your closet is stocked with adequate textured pieces you can just incorporate one into an outfit for an instant ‘wow’ factor. Banana Republic has a versatile ruffled lace blouse for texture.

2. Back to the basics piece. A classic appearance needs a traditional clothing item to balance it out. A basic black shirt or skirt can cover this department of your wardrobe easily. Simple items such as these are lifesavers when it comes to pulling trendy pieces together gracefully. Simple and classic go a long way in the world of fashion. Places ranging from J. Crew to Target offer simple black skirts, pants and shirts that can pair with any of the wildest fashion items.

3. Pop of color piece. Every outfit can benefit from a little bit of spunk. Get bold and try some bright colors like orange and yellow to really make a statement. The beauty of the colored piece is that it can be in any form. Scarves, bags and shoes are usually the top pick for the pop of color. Urban Outfitters offers fun, colorful options such as these teal peep-toe sandals.

4. Sleek and structured piece. It is important to give each outfit a sense of shape and body. A structured piece fulfills this need perfectly. It can fill out an outfit and add yet another dimension to your look. A simple structured garment would be a jacket. Form-fitting jackets are sold at Target for ideal prices. If you are looking for a trendier jacket, many styles are on the market at places like J. Crew and Banana Republic.

5. Always accessorize. Add some accessories to put the final touches on a show-stopping outfit. This is where personal style comes into play the most in a wardrobe. Have fun with it and choose jewelry pieces that let your personality shine. The silver bangle bracelets are always a savvy choice if you choose to go for a more basic accessory option. Express offers silver bangles with an added texture twist.

Fashion qualms can now be put to rest with these tips under your belt! Stock your closet with these staple pieces and dress like a Blissful Belle.


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