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Dear 65-Year-Old-Me: Sarah Kester

Yes, this will be me, “keeping it real."

Dear 65-year-old-me will feature BB writers’ and readers’ personal letters to their older selves. If you’re interested in having your letter published on Blissful Belle, send us an email to​m.

Dear 65-year-old-me,

Congrats! You’re still alive and kicking. And for that, you should be immensely proud. It means that you’ve managed to eat well and take your vitamins… okay, clearly this is the mature Sarah talking. But really, you’ve done well throughout your life. So good that I believe this deserves a good ole trip down memory lane, shall we?

At eighteen, you were just about to embark on your journey to university. Things will seem a lot different as swift changes begin to come your way. I know that you will have done amazing in university and kept a good balance in all aspects of your life. After you’re done first year, you’ll decide whether or not to stay where you are for summer break, or to apply for an internship in New York. Being the crazy, cool cat that you are, get ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple! You’ll intern at one of your favourite magazines, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Seventeen… and then head on back to do your Public Relations University Co-op program there the following year. Ah, yes, your life really is pretty kickass.

After you graduate, you’ll move to New York City and pursue your ultimate dream: working at Cosmopolitan and publishing your novels. As with most books, rejection will probably become a second nature, but keep trying because an agent will finally bite. Don’t forget what your grandma taught you “if you can dream it, you can do it. You just got to have a plan.”

Keep writing because one day, the opening at Cosmopolitan will come up and you’ll go in there with your wit, unique writing style, and inspiring voice that will shake things up a little bit. Remember sitting at your computer, typing away articles and feeling like a little Carrie Bradshaw? Well, get ready. You’ll be living it.

You’ll have fallen in love and met the One in some sort of crazy, yet amazing way. You write about love all the time, so if you’re going to fall in love. Then you better do it in the most cliché, over-the-top, head over heels kind of way. And on top of that, you’ll get the little bambino’s that you’ve always wanted: a boy and a girl. You’ll give them the life that you never had. So for that, be immensely proud.

Girl, get ready because your novels are going to get published. Almost all of them… ah huh, that’s right. Those childhood dreams weren’t just fantasies, they’re going to be reality. Some of which, will even get made into a movie. Remember when you were seventeen and daydreamed about “Beauty in the Breakdown,” being bought by an indie filmmaker and getting turned into a movie? Well, congrats, it’s happens at just twenty-seven.

For all your accomplishments and dreams being achieved, you can thank yourself. From a young age, you turned your life around and set your mind on your goals. You were the one who realized that silly, childish dreams are the ones that you have to stick to the most. And now, when you’re sixty-five, in some ways, your life is just beginning. It’ll give you time to look back and relish on what you’ve done. Even Hannah Montana sings “life is what you make it,” and as corny as it is, at sixty-five and until then, you better make it rock!



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