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Dear 65-Year-Old Me: Gina McNamee

Dear 65-year-old-me will feature BB writers’ and readers’ personal letters to their older selves. If you’re interested in having your letter published on Blissful Belle, send us an email to​m.

Dear 65-year-old Me,

I know this letter is supposed to be about life lessons and a deeper meaning, but before we get to all that I’d like to say some things to you.  First, I’m really sorry about all the tanning I did in my younger years…if you have any skin damage (or worse) don’t hesitate to blame me.  I know I wasn’t the best at treating our body like a temple, (or whatever those women’s magazines called it) but I’d like to think that since we made it to 65 I’ve done something right.  I’m also sorry for putting us through all of the long nights, hungover mornings, and bad decisions I’ve made throughout my youth…but they’ve brought me to become you, which I think we can both be happy about.  I don’t know you yet, but I do know that you’re a woman I can be proud of.  I know you’ve raised an amazing family by now.  I know you’ll still laugh at Seinfeld.  I know you still secretly envy Charolotte from Sex and the City despite your strong feminist (and anti-housewife) views.  I know you still obsess over fashion…try not to push your daughters too much—let them figure out their own style and nurture them from there. I know you love strongly, breathe deeply, and dance wildly…but there are some things I don’t know, and that worries me.  I guess you could say I could use a little comfort about the future and what’s to come, and you seem to have all that figured out.

I wonder—do I make it in the magazine world? Do I land my killer internship? Will I survive living in the city? Who do I marry, and more importantly, have I met him yet? What are my children like? I know you can’t give me any hints or answer my questions, and that’s supposed to be the fun part about growing up.  I don’t know a single thing about what could happen tomorrow.  You know I like to have my life planned out, but with each experience I go through I’m realizing more and more to just let things go, even if it does seem impossible sometimes.

Right now, I know I’m on the cusp of something great.  I can feel myself growing up and learning the ins and outs of life.  I know I’m nowhere near the wisdom you have now, but I’m getting there.  I understand the importance of true friendship, and I hope you’ve maintained contact with all my best friends over the years—do our kids play together like we always wanted? Again, I know you can’t answer me, I just can’t help wondering out loud.

At this point, I’m not sure if Mom and Dad are around.  Even while I write this, thinking about a world without them almost brings me to tears.  Right now, YOU are the mother and the rock of the family.  I know Mom taught us well, so I’m not worried about you not being able to handle life without her.  Daddy is always going to be around you and your family too, and you know that.

I know this letter may seem sporadic, but writing to you brings me so much joy and excitement about the possibilities of my future that I can’t seem to contain myself or focus on just one thing. I love you, 65-year-old me, and I hope you never stop being yourself and enjoying every second of life. See you soon!

21-Year-Old You


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