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Dear 65-Year-Old Me: Marisa Hezekiah

Dear 65-year-old-me will feature BB writers’ and readers’ personal letters to their older selves. If you’re interested in having your letter published on Blissful Belle, send us an email to​m.

Dear 65-Year-Old Marisa,

I know that I could ask you if you accomplished so much by now, but I know that goals change as your interests change. As your friend Nate would say, “all is not lost, all you did was reprioritize your objectives”, if things don’t go according to the plan you thought was best for you as a twenty-year old girl. But I hope “reprioritizing” doesn’t completely make you forget who you were.

As you go off in your busy life, I hope the young woman you were still is a big part of you. I hope your love of creativity still plays an important role in the woman you became. More importantly, I hope that your mother’s call for you to fight for justice touched you deeply and that you still advocate for what is right instead of selling your soul. I wish that you keep that spunk and sass that makes you different from the rest and that, though you may marry and have kids, you never let a man tame you, forcing you to become different from whatever you choose to be.

But most of all, dear elderly self, I hope that whatever you decided to do with your life, I hope that you found joy in what you did. I also hope that you brought joy to others. After all, it is in your name.

If you haven’t already done this, I hope you do it and do it well in your retirement, because you have a long life to live. Share love. Be love to all around you. Never let bitterness take you over. And enjoy every moment of your life, because it’s all you got.


20-Year Old Me


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