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How To: Live With A Difficult Roommate

Living with someone is a hard adjustment, and a difficult roommate will only make matters worse. As a Blissful Belle, don’t let the situation escalate. With the right advice, and a little bit of tactfulness, an uncomfortable situation can be avoided.

What’s Yours Should Be Mine. Living in close quarters, there can often be a thin line between what belongs to each person. Although sharing can sound great at first, some people abuse the privilege. If you find the new boots you love in your roommate’s closet, or notice her eating all your cereal, then lead by example. Make a point of asking before borrowing her cute bangles, or chip in some money for her milk you used. After a few times she’ll notice a pattern and begin to do the same.

Did I Wake You Up? The last thing you want when going to bed early for that 8 a.m. chemistry class is to be woken up during the middle of the night by a very drunk, and very loud roommate. This situation requires a confrontation. Explain that you love she is having fun, but her stumbling presence doesn’t need to be made known. A Blissful Belle needs her beauty sleep. A quieter entrance or asking her to turn in earlier can help keep the peace.

Mess. Mess. And More Mess. Often we live with someone who is a complete opposite. Sometimes this can create a great balance, but a messy personality tends to bring tension. If you are constantly coming home to shoes scattered around the floor and a sink piled high with dirty dishes, it’s time for some action. Agree to set aside Sunday as a day for organizing and make a little note to post above the sink reminding her to wash dishes after they’re used. These subtle changes will soon become second nature.

Agree to Disagree. Sometimes the simple truth is that two people may never get along. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic! In the long run, ignoring each other can be just as bad as constantly arguing. Make the effort to acknowledge one another: ask about her day or wish her good luck on her test. You may not be inviting her to dinners or going out for the night together but at least this way being home won’t be awkward and uncomfortable.

Everything takes some time. Be patient and try using these tips to make a living situation as blissful as possible!


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BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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