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How-To: Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

After an amazing summer at home with your boo, the thought of a long-distance relationship might seem like too much to handle. Leaving for college doesn’t need to mean calling it quits. Take this advice to make the semester go smoothly and love like a Blissful Belle!

Use technology. Take advantage of all the new forms of communication available to both of you. It’s important to talk often to help with the transition of not seeing each other. If you can, video chat! Seeing your lover will make hearing their voice that much better.

Surprise each other. When both of you are living separate lives, it is easy for the daily conversations to become routine. Don’t let the spark fade by asking the same questions every time. “How was your day?” will get old… fast. Surprise your significant other by sending texts for no reason, or a silly e-card to make them laugh. Hearing from you when it is least expected will show how much they are missed.

Schedule visits. Although visiting each other is something you will both look forward to, it is important to schedule when the visits will happen. Distance will make the heart grow fonder, so don’t spend this whole semester driving to them whenever it’s possible. It will only make the adjustment harder, and respecting the time apart is critical. There is a difference between being anxious to see your significant other and crowding him.

Trust is key. Trusting someone else in your life is hard. Add distance to the mix, and it can feel even more difficult. A long-distance relationship will never work without mutual trust. Thinking about the what-if situations will drive you crazy! Trust and the absence of jealousy will strengthen the relationship.

Every relationship is different, but if the effort is mutual, then there is no reason for things to fail. Share these tips and the time apart will fly by in no time. A Blissful Belle deserves the fairytale.


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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