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How To: Manage Your Time For A Successful School Year

We all must face the facts that summer is over and school is back in full swing. This means that we need to get our lives organized and say bye-bye to sleeping in and living carefree. It is time to break out those agendas and calendars and pencil school into our busy social lives.

  •  I find that if you either print out a spreadsheet of every hour in the day and the seven days a week this makes it very easy to organize your life. It is also helpful to have BOTH an agenda and a calendar print out so you can see your schedule laid out differently.
  • Start by adding in all of your classes, and then add in any other school related activities, such as study hours, clubs, and some gym time. This will take up most of your week right off the bat.
  • Once you fill in all of that you are ready to add in any hours for work, if you’re currently employed.
  • While this may seem depressing and you feel like your hours of free time are minimizing by the minute, it will be worth it in the end. You will have plenty of time to get all of your school work done, while balancing a healthy social life!!

For now everything may seem chaotic, but in a few weeks you’ll see that you are more organized and stress free!!


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