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Music And Muscles: The Perfect Combination 

 The benefits of working out are well known. Everyone knows what it does for the mind and body, but actually making actually getting up off the couch and onto the elliptical? Well, that’s a whole different story. Exercise and music both have the ability to alter our moods. Next time you’re hitting the gym, create a playlist for your workout using songs such as the ones we’ve selected to help turn your body and mood from blah to viola!

According to an article from called,  Exercise Music: Tunes to Get Fit By, “Music enhances a workout, it makes you work harder without realizing it, and it makes the workout go by faster.” What could be better than that? Everyone has different taste in music, and motivation varies from person to person. Feel free to mix and match the playlist to fit your needs and mode of exercise, whether that ends up being cardio or strength training

First things first, you should create the playlist before exercising. There’s nothing more annoying that being in the middle of a really good set of squats and having to search through your playlists to find the song you’re looking for. Title your playlist something clever to distinguish it from the others. Try titles such as, “Get Fit,” “Gym Flow,” or “Let’s Get it Done.” This is where the motivation is going to start so get creative!

Here are some songs that a random sampling of twenty-something males and females and I came up with to help focus workout motivation.

1. I’m Goin In– Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West and Young Jeezy – It has a beat that will pump you up and get you into the right state of mind. [3:45]

2. Imma Be – The Black Eyed Peas – Feel free to make them you’re whole soundtrack. All of their songs provide beats that consist of ideal paces for running on the treadmill or sweating it out on the elliptical. [4:17]

3. Give Me Everything – Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo – The anthem of the summer is guaranteed to have you lip syncing along and forgetting how much time you have left in your workout! [4:16]

4. You Make Me Feel – Cobra Starship feat. Sabi – The upbeat tempo and unique sound is perfect for getting over the ten minute hump. It also helps you hit a solid stride in preparation for what’s to come. [3:35]

5. Let it Rock– Kevin Rudolf and Lil’ Wayne- The original back beat almost acts like the kick in the butt you may need to keep pushing through. It’s also a pretty cool collaboration. [3:56]

 6. Off That – Jay Z feat. Drake -The perfect song to help you dig in when it feels like you’re sides are going to split and to help you fend off that killer cramp. [4:06]

 7. The Levels You Seek/Seek Bromance – Avicii and Tim Berg – This is an awesome techno collaboration with a catchy melody that will remind you working out can be fun too![3:21]

8.  Over – Drake- If you’ve followed the playlist in this order, you’re probably wishing your workout was almost over. This song will definitely sympathize with those feelings! [3:54]

9. The One– Mary J. Blige feat. Drake – This memorable duet has a beat perfect for doing abdominal exercises, and has lyrics that offer a nice little ego boost for when you may not be feeling so hot. [3:30]

10Power– Kanye West –  Kanye reminds you that you have the courage and empowerment to make it through the workout. Keep powering along! [4:53]

Once the more intense part of the workout is over it’s important to always remember to stretch! This can be accomplished with some yoga poses or simple stretches. Play a calming song during the cooldown to catch your breath and relax. Artists like John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Jessie J and The Fray are the perfect people to end the perfect workout playlist with! Good Luck!


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