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Updating your beauty routine for the changing seasons can be a hassle. It requires you to change up your products, which can feel daunting. But in the end, you’ll feel like a brand new you. Read on to find out some of the best ways to have you feeling like one confident, beauti-Fall Belle!

Moisturize: The best way to look and feel your best during the chilly months is to simply remember tis the season to moisturize. In the summer months moisturizer is not a necessity especially since it has the tendency to clog pores in conjunction with the heat, humidity and pollution in the air. But in the fall and winter do not skip this step even if you have oily skin just purchase a moisturizer that’s oil free and noncomedeginc. I recommend Cerave’s pm moisturizer, it’s rich and creamy and dermatologist recommended! You can purchase Cerave pm moisturizer at any drugstore chain in your local neighborhood for around twelve dollars. Cerave is also owned by Cetaphil an especially popular face wash company that is known for its gentleness. What I’m saying is ladies there’s no excuse not to moisturize! The key to having great makeup is priming the skin underneath and a moisturizer will complete this task giving the makeup a fresh and smooth canvas to attach itself to.

Foundation: After you have smoothed on your moisturizer it’s time to apply foundation.  In the fall you can apply a bit heavier since you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting down your face when you step outside. But still use those primers belles because the harsh winter winds can still mess up your pretty painting. Make sure to purchase a foundation that matches your skin tone as well! The easiest way to choose the right shade is to simply apply the makeup onto your neck, if it matches then congratulations you’ve found your new founddation!

Color Palettes: In the chilly months it’s all about standing out, with the leaves falling and the pretty browns and golds of fall you want to look just as amazing, right? Well on just about every skin tone these colors will make you feel just as gorgeous. Metallic is in again so experiment with some pretty gold hues that will make your face pop on those crisp fall nights. Not a fan of gold eye shadow, that’s okay add some gold liner to add just a hint of starlight in those eyes. And if you’re totally against the gold trend, I love purple and violet this season especially on the green eyes and brown eyes. And purple is such a bold color you’ll still be making your fashion statement sans metallics.

Eyes: Don’t forget about those peepers! To avoid looking tired add a bit more detail to the eyes by using an eyelash curler.  They may look a bit dangerous but just try it at least once and I promise the result is so worth it that you’ll be hooked after one use. This simple step can take your eyes from closed and tired to totally bright-eyed. Also don’t forget mascara, two coats for day and definitely a few more for the night will really define the lashes to make those eyes stand out. Now on to the eyebrows. I love the thicker more defined eyebrows and this season they’re still rocking the runway. Fill out those brows beautiful belles; they frame your entire face. Just find a shade that’s slightly darker than your hair color to call extra attention to your eyes.

Cheeks: In the fall and the winter your skin can look washed out since the sun has seemed to disappear altogether from your realm. But don’t fret just yet a little bronzer will pick you right up. Remember don’t paint it on in excess and dust the bronzer on your neck so you’re not two toned. My next tip is blush, for fair skins pick a pretty pink or peach hue. For the olive or medium skin tones a rosier red will do the trick. Blush is a must to avoid appearing pasty and it gives a youthful glow to any belle.

Lips: And finally having kissable lips in the winter is the last major step to achieving an amazing fall face. Don’t forget Chap Stick! I put it on underneath my lipsticks no matter what season it is! but even if you’re not a fan of the classic cure for dry lips with all the new technology appearing in the makeup business lipstick can serve as a gorgeous replacement and keep your lips protected. Simply choose a lipstick that is also hydrating to avoid that chapped feeling. There are numerous new lipsticks from Cover girl that will keep your lips smooth all day long. Since we’ve designated that we need moisturizing lipstick let’s pick a color! Coral lipstick was this summer’s choice but I still love red and flirty pinks for fall just to add that extra kick of color to all those neutral hued things we’re forced to wear to work or school on the daily. Even if you are a traditional pink or beige lipped gloss lover, red lipstick will make your teeth look whiter and make your smile and lips really pop. The rule of thumb for red lipsticks is simply that the fairer you are the brighter red you wear and the darker you are the deeper red you can wear. So if you have fair skin think Gwen Stefani bright blood red, if you’re darker think more burgundy colored lipsticks.

 Now that you’ve swiped on that lipstick I think you’re ready to brave fall with an especially gorgeous face! Happy changing seasons my lovely belles!


About Alexandra Palmer

Alexandra is a native New Yorker who's always had a keen interest in news. She was drawn to the industries fast paced and deadline driven environments. She recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in multimedia journalism from New York University, where she specialized in video production, reporting, and editing. Some of her most prominent accomplishments include an investigative piece on campus sexual assault her and fellow NYU student Rajeev Dhir published in Al Jazeera America in February. Alexandra has also interned at several prestigious news outlets, including MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily Show, and Us Weekly. Alexandra's interests outside of journalism include, acting for film and television. Alexandra recently wrote and starred in her first one act play this August. The piece was selected as a semi-finalist in the New York New Works Theatre Festival. Writing is Alexandra's first love. Alexandra is also graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and World Literature, and a minor in Hispanic Studies.

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