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Confidence Coalition Helps Girls, Teens, and Women

In 2009, Kappa Delta Sorority established the Confidence Coalition. It is a movement that is dedicated to celebrating the friendships among women, teenagers and girls. Additionally, it aims to help girls to shape who they are with confidence and to celebrate the uniqueness that each of us has.

In this day and age, peer pressure is a huge issue at school, in college and even in the work environment. So many of us fall into peer pressure without even being aware of it, and it is time to help girls to stand up for themselves and for the morals they have set for themselves. The main cause and mission is to encourage fellow women, teenagers and girls to stand tall and break through these pressures by having dignity and confidence. No longer will we give in to taking that drink we don’t really want or to being a victim of abuse in our relationships.

The Confidence Coalition has created different worldwide events such as International Girls’ Day and International Women’s Friendship Month, in order to set aside a day to appreciate these friendships. In addition to that, Confidence Coalition supports the Girl Scouts of USA in the establishment of the Healthy Media for Youth Act, which strives to stop girls, teenagers and young women from watching or listening to any type of media that distorts our thoughts of self-image, confidence and self-worth.

Speaking of self-worth, dating abuse has been a huge issue in this century, yet no effort has been put in to reduce the trends of dating abuse, whether it be during a long-time romantic relationship or just a one-time date with a cute guy from the basketball team. College campuses are the target for dating abuse, and therefore Kappa Delta Sorority linked up with the National Domestic Hotline,, and the National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline to create a campaign called Friends Say the Tough Stuff…So Say It.

Confidence Coalition has created their own campaign called “You Make Me SMILE” Campaign. None of us know what the people we pass by on the street are going through. So Confidence Coalition launched this campaign, which consists of giving out balloons to women and girls on the street with positive quotes written on them. It’s their way of giving women and girls confidence who aren’t part of the Coalition.

Are you pumped up about getting involved and signing the Confidence Coalition pledge? Confidence U is a program where Panhellenics can become a campus leader and create their own branch to represent the coalition! Do you need financial support? No worries! Kappa Delta Sorority awards grants to ten college Panhellenics every year in order to cover for the needed funds. In addition, a special grant is awarded to the college Panhellenic representative who has been making a difference for the women on campus.

For more information, go to , sign the pledge, and join the movement. There are millions of women and girls who need a booster on their self-esteem. Join them in spreading the love to all the women around them!


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