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Breaking News About Breaking Dawn

The second official trailer for the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn was released last Wednesday. The clip is full of juicy cliffhangers for all you twi-hards out there. Part one of the saga’s final installment is set to be released November 18.

The first official trailer for the movie was released during the summer. It was a two-minute teaser and showed the reactions of the different characters upon receiving the invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding.

The new trailer is over two minutes long and gives more insight into the story. In part one of Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward finally get married and are about to have a baby. But Bella’s is no ordinary pregnancy and it comes with complications that could end her life.

Besides a rapidly growing vampire baby on the way Bella and Edward have to deal with Jacob and his werewolves coming after the Cullen clan in an effort to stop the baby from being born.

In the book series Breaking Dawn is the most intense and violent of the Twilight Saga, which caused fans to wonder how they would film certain scenes. The first time Bella and Edward make love in the book is almost violent and leaves Bella sore and bruised. The most gruesome scene in the book is when Bella gives birth to her half vampire, half human daughter.

The birth is violent and as the child is being born she breaks many of Bella’s bones and causes her to lose a massive amount of blood leaving Edward with no choice but to turn Bella into a vampire in order to save her.

Scenes like these should be interesting to see on film, considering how young most of the fan base for Twilight is. It makes you wonder how they will translate them from book to screen while staying true to the author’s original vision.

After the release of the second trailer Wednesday the fan sites and other entertainment news sources were abuzz with excited chatter about what the new movie will be like.

Breaking Dawn is the final chapter in the Twilight Saga, and now that both Twilight and Harry Potter have come to an end, we can only wonder what the next sensation in the teen book to film phenomenon will be.


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