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How To: Avoid Awkward Situations At The Bar

Girls we all know what it is like to be out on the town with your girlfriends having fun, only to be stalked by a creeper at the bar. What’s a girl to do when a guy is just not taking no for an answer! I have a few tips that will help any blissful belle avoid those awkward encounters on a late night out.

First of all never travel alone, it’s important to always have a wing woman by your side. Trust me a solid group of friends will intimidate any creepy guy trying to invade your personal space.

  1. Prior to going out for the night, discuss with your friends any important signals or cues to help save each other when that guy with the bad dance moves won’t stop following you around. Any word or hand gesture will work as long as you both know it means you need help and a discreet way out.
  2. Most of the time there is always that one guy who doesn’t seem to get the hint that you want to be left alone. If you’re not impressed with the guy at the bar, who can’t help but tell you that he must be in heaven sitting next to you, then there are a few things you can do to politely run away.
  • Excuse yourself to the bathroom and move to the other side of the bar.
  • Have your friend come up and say it’s time to go; you have work in the am. (We all know a blissful belle needs her beauty sleep after all!)
  • Tell the guy that you see someone you know and rush away before he can ask questions.
  • Give him a number… just make sure it’s not yours. Hey your ex’s girlfriend has unlimited minutes!
  • Lastly, if all else fails bring him to the dance floor and attempt to lose him in the crowd. Hopefully, after a few drinks he won’t know his right foot from his left, leaving you enough time to get of there!

3. While most of the time you feel annoyed for this guy ruining your night out, he may really be interested in you. So always remember to be as polite as possible and excuse yourself. Hopefully he will get the picture and you can continue to enjoy your night out.

Now the next time you’re out having fun, dancing your butt off or simply sitting having cocktails, you will be fully prepared to handle any of those awkward situations at the bar.


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