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Free Your Mind: Learning To Love Yourself

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like it? Criticize it? Wish it were something different?

Two out of five women would trade in five years of their life to be thin and 50 percent of girls would rather be hit by a truck than be overweight.

Most American girls start to diet at the age of 8 and nine out of 10 of these girls feel better about themselves when they are dieting. More women are suffering from eating disorders than breast cancer. According to, these are the facts of our world, and they are scary. Half of the female population would rather be hit by a truck? I don’t know about you, but I do not think this is normal.

To spark this change, individuals should start by being aware with they way they see themselves. This means to stop trying to fit into a mold of someone else’s ideal expectations.e must stop looking at   things in a negative light and learn to see these things in the light of love, happiness and acceptance.

It is a battle, and it is not easy. All it takes is stopping negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. This simple piece of advice can change lives for the better.

A lot of the time people don’t give themselves the credit they deserve. They tend to box themselves in. If you find that you’re scared of rejection and criticism and failure, think of a moment when you have felt totally in your element. When have you felt pure joy? Harness that feeling of being completely uninhibited. When you are feeling defeated bring that feeling back to your awareness. When you’re not thinking of how people perceive you or how you look or sound, you will thrive. Best of all, you will be happy.

This is the feeling I wish each girl could experience every day. I want girls of all ages to look in the mirror when they wake up and be able to say, “I am beautiful,” or “My past does not define me,” because those things are true. It just comes down to believing it and to stop viewing yourself from the perspectives of others.

In all honesty, when you think people are judging you, they are usually thinking about themselves. Or, they are doing exactly what you are doing and judging themselves from your perspective. When you feel strangled by these sorts of thoughts, take a step back, assess the negative thoughts, and change them into a positive thought. And then, slap on a smile, and usually, that smile is returned. Then it will hopefully be passed along to others. Can you imagine how beautiful the world could be if everyone did this?

We all possess confidence and a true sense of self. We all have something worth sharing and something extraordinary about us. You know that secret desire you have to pursue a seemingly unreachable dream? That thing that really lights your fire when you are uninspired? That’s it. That’s your something worth sharing and you need to acknowledge this and use it to help you shine, because you are worth it. We are all so worth it.


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