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How To: Eat Healthy on Campus

Everyone comes to college having been warned of the inevitable weight gain famous during a typical freshmen experience. Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up those great indulging foods. Take my advice and campus food will taste fantstic!

Food Free For All. All you can eat dining halls? Beware! Before you know it you’ll have eaten pizza slices, sandwiches, and dessert. An easy mistake when everything looks so good, decide what to eat before you get to the dining hall and stick to that regardless of what other yummy treats you see.

Skinny Fat. Salads are a go-to for Blissful Belle conscious weight watchers. However, sometimes a burger can be a better calorie decision then a chicken ceasar salad. Pick salad dressings with full flavor but not thick in calories.

The Food Pyramid. No one said watching your weight had to be miserable! Don’t cut out carbs or sweets, just focus on portions. If you eat a salad, having a cookie won’t kill you. As a healthy belle, indulging is ok sometimes.
Learn to love your campus food. There’s healthy options that can still make meals yummy and tasteful. Don’t let being away from home cooked meals ruin your taste buds!

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BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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