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How To: Prepare For a 5K Run In a Month!

Your friends just signed you up to run a 5k and you only have a month to get ready! Eck! But don’t panic, I have a few tips that you help you get into tip top shape for the race. And chances are you are running this 5K for charity, which is already rewarding in its self. So no matter how long it takes you to finish it you are still doing a great thing.

For those you aren’t familiar with races and running, a 5K is really 3.1 miles, (you can take a sigh of relief because thankfully it’s not really 5 miles. If you are not a regular runner don’t just jump into things, this will only get you discouraged and you risk the chance of injury.

  1. Map out a run that is 3.1 miles around your neighborhood or go to the track so you can calculate the distance. You can also use do track the distance. This way you know exactly how far you will be running come race day.
  2. Then start off by stretching really well and for at least 15 min because your body may not be used to running or doing extreme exercises. This will prevent you from hurting yourself by pulling a muscle or tearing a ligament.
  3. After 15 minutes of stretching, slowly begin with a brisk jog and see how far you can jog without stopping. Feel free to stop jogging and walk whenever it is needed; remember that you are a beginner. Continue to complete your 3.1 jog all the way to the finish.
  4. Chances are you couldn’t jog the whole time, which is fine because it’s only your first day.  As the days go on you will be able to switch from a jog to a run and for longer periods of time.
  5. Take a day off in between so you don’t overdo it the first week.
  6. Gradually you will be able to run longer distances and eventually faster if you continue to do this every other day. Your body will increase its endurance and this will eventually become routine for you. Gradually you will feel better because you are exercising while preparing to run for a great cause.
  7. If you want to time yourself feel free but it really isn’t necessary because with most 5K runs you have an hour to complete them before they turn the timer off and I’m sure you will finish 3 miles in under an hour!

Happy Running Blissful Belles!


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